Test place - SAIGA-12 [Test place news #12]


Today, the DBV12 retu… oh wait, That’s the SAIGA-12.

I have it unlocked, It’s placed at Rank 0, so go ahead, Have fun!

Things to point out:

  • Damage: 35-20
  • Damage with Flechette/Birdshot: 31.5-20
  • Damage with Slugs: 105-50
  • Magazine size: 8 + 1
  • Fire rate: 360
  • Reload time: 2.5 seconds. (Similar to AK-47)
  • Empty reload time: 3.3 seconds. (Similar to AK-47)
  • Can equip the Flashlight in the Underbarrel slot.

The SAIGA-12 is currently very OP, It has unique shooting sounds, but for now it uses AK-47’s reload animations.

Want to play with the SAIGA-12?
Join Phantom Forces’s official test place:

Test Place - SAIGA 12 (insert original title here)



Buckshot has 8 pellets, iirc.
Birdshot is 24 pellets.
Slugs are just the one projectile.

Yeah, very OP if you get a direct hit.


I want my G3 and HK51B



Moved SAIGA-12’s rank from 24 to 0.
New shooting sounds.


Just to test out the sounds, I presume.
Arekan, always wanting to show off his sound work, haha :wink:


If only Arekan gave sounds to the M45A1


Aw hell nah,an auto shotgun? No thanks

These kids will become cancerous


dbv-12 get replaced


Saiga-12: hey DBV12, I didn’t do my homework, can I copy yours?

DBV12: yeah sure just change it up a little bit so no one notices.

In all reality Shay probably saw the backlash to the DBV and switched to a different more acceptable AK platform shotgun that people wouldn’t be pissed at.



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Can’t wait to use the SASG- I mean SAIGA-12 in PF. Can’t wait to slap a supressor on it like like soog


Finally, they’ve realised a gun to the public


It wasn’t a auto idiot


now let’s wait for the next 12 year olds using the USAS-12, AA-12, SAIGA-12, and KSG-12


from stylis discord
looks cool
i havent tried it out yet but i have this vid lol




sounds beefy


no FAL option, bad poll


No u