Test place - MG3KWS, PPSH-41 and MP40 (+2 Returning pistols) [Test place news #11]


April Fools

I don’t celebrate any of it so eh




Easter is Haram.




When Ela mains migrate to Phantom Forces



MG3KWS is now out in the main game at Rank 101.


rip high ranks are gonna start annihilating medium / low ranks.
It has the firerate of the colt smg but damage higher than the AK12BR




no u


Now, what will the next Test place weapon be?

  1. M45A1
  2. PPSH-41
  3. MG3KWS
  4. ??? (I predict SPAS-12)

We still have left in test place:

  • SPAS-12
  • SAIGA-12
  • DBV12
  • MP1911
  • MP40
  • Crowbar
  • Ice Pick
  • The new shooting sound of the M45A1 that is still not added in the main game.


Here comes the waves of people complaining about another minor update


Every update with just 1 gun is a big update for me.


I was mostly doing semi mode and it’s still op. The damage needs to be nerfed or more recoil


s e m i


Only 83 kills?
I made 117 today.


Long range btw


why u no add MG42


Why u no add FAL


because communism must be gone first