Test place - MG3KWS, PPSH-41 and MP40 (+2 Returning pistols) [Test place news #11]


I want my FAL.


Test place is literally unplayable


The M45A1 is in the main game now


“rank 34”



Please have the sounds…
Please have the animations…

Please please…


Same as the M1911 :wink:


-insert triggered meme-


-insert raging meme-


-insert Soviet anthem because PPSH > everything-


I have no idea why they would strip the sounds and animations from the gun. The sounds and animations worked perfectly fine months ago, but for whatever stupid reason they took them away when it releases.


Maybe they’ll add it back later.

Like how KS-23M, Henry, Hecate and SVDS got their sounds later after main game release.


Yeah but that doesn’t excuse removing functioning animations and sounds. In the case of the KS and Henry, those never had sounds before they were added, but the M45 did.


Ayyy! I can use it :smiley: (and maybe buy the MP40 if it gets added :3)


Yeah, It’s very strange.


@ILIEKTRAINZ looks like the M1911 will get a run for it’s money!


Good news Moist Nugget lovers!
The M45A1 may be out, but the PU-1 Scope is also in the main game now!


not on the godamn front

you have hurted my fweesfwees


I can’t edit the front due to the poll.




Went opening a M45A1 customizable skin from the Grunge Case (Tier 5)


Got that instead…
I already have a customizable Trench Mace skin, stop giving me more!!