Test place - MG3KWS, PPSH-41 and MP40 (+2 Returning pistols) [Test place news #11]


Updates to the MG3KWS:
Hypo made it into a 4-5 hit kill.



I think it’s a bit more balanced now.
Even though I can’t test it out.


Next bit on the topic that got released today:
The PPSH-41!

  • Rank: 141 (Very high rank)
  • Damage: 25-19
  • Magazine size: 71 (No round in chamber)
  • Spare ammo: 213
  • Fire Rate: 1000
  • Reload time: 2.8 Seconds
  • Screw the Vector!
  • This PPSH is balanced!
  • This PPSH needs more balance!
  • Why is PPSH a thing?

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A 7.62x51 gun should not have a wimpy damage model. Give it some insanely horrifying recoil as you can’t properly mount weapons in this game.


Not my problem, take it up with Hypo.
One of the users in the Discord said that he didn’t respond to “More recoil” suggestions…


I feel like PPSH needs more damage to be viable.I’ll still stick to my vector


I wish I could play


An SMG with 1000 rpm and 71 round mag?

“Buy hollow”

Here come da new OP Vector


Came across a few people that had them, and I stole them,MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!




clearly need animations, also I dislike the PPSH sound, not punchy.

The MG3 sounds godly.


step closers
to the cor5 remaster



Rank 141



Holy Shit that looks so COOL!


And of course the 1000 RPM 7.62x51 LMG is outclassed by a sharp piece of metal held by a lego dude


i poke u with SHINY STICK


i poke U with a rusty stick


Weapon #3: MP40

  • Damage: 33-20
  • Fire Rate: 500
  • Magazine Size: 32 (No round in chamber)
  • Spare ammo: 128
  • Rank: 56 (Same as KS-23M)

Oh but that’s not all…
2 guns have returned back to the test place:

Yes, the M45A1 and the MP1911!
The M45A1 now has a rank unlock at Rank 34, MP1911’s rank is still the same: 77.
The M45A1 is NO LONGER dev only :smiley:
The MP1911 cannot equip Hollow Point or Armor Piercing, don’t worry about that one.
The M45A1 no longer has that cool shooting sound and the cool reload animation (R.I.P) :frowning:

Other changes:
Moved MG3KWS’s rank from 105 to 59.
Moved PPSH-41’s rank from 141 to 92.
According to a player, The PU scope for Mosin Nagant is back, Unsure if he’s telling the truth.


Is there a stock for the MP1911 yet?


No, sorry.