Test place - Hecate II, DBV12, Tactical Spatula [Test place news #8]


Thread updated with 2 new weapons and a new Hecate II model.


we said no more AK-12 variants REEEEEE


I beg you, just the SVD-12, We need another DMR, Just please, one more.


I feel like stylis shouldn’t have made a AK-12 looking shotgun.But rather just make the Saiga 12K
The gun:


I want.


Might as well get the M1 Garand as a DMR

Or straight away the original SVD


The DBV12 has literally no recoil


I would use it but, I still don’t have the credits from the data reset, and I would rather not pay what would be like $3.50 USD to try it out.


Time to grind with the hellshit-II™


It’s a russian semi auto shotty so exactly what you like :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the new CS:GO M9 model for the default unlocked knife.


Oooh, fancy knife!


You’re late

pls no hurt

Seriously tho, this new knife looks badass. I think Hellside will like it if he’s going to do trickshots


Tactical cooking device is stronker…


SpongeBob Approved




Tru that


how do you get the other guns? do you buy with credits?
or do you ask the devs? plz tell me ;-;


dude you just replied to a 4 month dead topic



bot i will hang you