Test place - Hecate II, DBV12, Tactical Spatula [Test place news #8]


The recoil on the Hecate II is very weird. Not only does it have super upwards recoil, but has a bit of side to side recoil, which gives me a headache just shooting it…


Hecate II = “Lets make a BFG with 8 rounds!”, this gun is hilariously actually better than the BFG, with the same purpose. Why would you make this.


If this is a thing you’re going to do, please make a singular thread…


Not everything has to be in one thread.

Heck, my gun review series needs to be separate topic’s in order to function well…



10/10 english


It should; over time threads regarding the same topic will build up. Your gun review series can be structured in a way that the previous entry would link to a particular reply on the topic (i.e. the next review). Also…



I’m not creating a thread for every single new gun.

I merged the Sawed Off with the Stevens DB when it came out in the test place cause of 2 reasons:

  1. They are related.
  2. They came out in very short time between eachother.


How are people supposed to know that there’s a “New Gun Review” everytime they pop in to the forum?

The thumbnail on the front page does not display the new post, only the number of posts that have been made recently

Just look at r/Polandball, every month they make a new thread for new monthly contests. If you don’t make a new post, you don’t get the attention, and people won’t read it.

After all, making new posts does clutter the forum, but its more organised since you can search “Gun review” and the result appear one fell swoop


THE RECOIL IS DISGUSTING but then again what do you expect from a .50


I like how its worse than the BFG, with a higher rank.


I said no such thing about such action. If you need clarification, this is twice I’ve used a screenshot of your own title.



stylis pls stop


You could just change the title, can you not?


After a few months of existing as a topic, you cannot edit the topic anymore. Try editing your 5 month old topic, I can’t.


That moment when you said they were adding the Hecate II at least a weak before this post.


First of all I would like to make this clear, The BFG Is better than that heaping garbage in every way.

Faster Fire rate. The BFGs fire rate is 30, while the Hecates is 25 The ammo box is counter intuitive beacuse the BFG only loads one yet it fires faster and get this, Reloads faster as well.

Aiming/Movement. The BFGs scope in time is rather slow but not as slow as the Hecate. which takes almost a second to zoom in. Movement is key to get around the maps, but the Hecate feels like your carrying 2 M60s, While the BFG is quite mobile.

Just face it the Hecate is for the kids to think that is better than the bfg so they will buy it and lito can keep watching his anime.


Can we have the Brecci instead??


Well, the Brecci is from COD : BO3 and it’d become a legal issue if it were to be in the game. Also it’d probably be the Hecate of shotguns due to it being semi-auto.

Just use a KSG, it’s close enough.


bbbutttt you guys said the aa-12 will be in the game soon and its been a loooong time already…
any real dates?


About a year now.

Probably never.


i never said that personally, and i dont manage guns/content, so i am personally not able to give a date.