Taking off and putting on supressors


I think that we should be able to remove and put back on supressors after spawning in. You equip it in your loadout as usual. You spawn with if off and press M to put it on and take it off. So you can be stealthy at times but if you want more damage to take out a larger group of people you can take off the supressor.

You can only put on and take off the supressor you have equiped. Even if you have another one unlocked, you must equip it.


With the right suppressor, the damage is not an issue (max only), so taking it off isn’t as tactically positive as you may think it would be. Besides, having a suppressor on hides you from the radar (as long as you haven’t been spotted), considerably more “tactical” than having no suppressor at all. Additionally, this should also be applied to all other barrel attachments and not just the suppressor range.

And ‘Q’ is a hotkey used for locking ADS, maybe try the ‘M’ key.


I don’t like this idea. The whole point of having them currently is the same as the other muzzle devices. They provide disadvantages as well as advantages. This would just allow the system to get a bit unfair and out of hand.



I’ll change it

Yeah I guess so.


Pretty much no point of taking off your suppressor.

I mean, you can’t switch between a muzzle brake and Suppressor in combat, what’s the use of even using the suppressor in the first place when you have the Badger and the AS VAL which, tbh, is more powerful ?

This was also suggested long ago, and it pretty much is useless.


Why take it off? That defeats the whole purpose of it.


like in wolfenstien


cus damage drop in ranges