Takeusername what is wrong with you

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Please don’t do this shit to me

Give Likes

Everyone I say something that “It never happens to me”, it happens to me.


Reminds me of this

He’s most likely either really bored and going through the many topics. That or he’s going for the 50 likes in a day badge (or the similar max likes over 20 days which is 1000 likes across almost 3 weeks).


Blame @PistonsofDoom


You just so happened to be in the cross fire of a like raid. Don’t worry too much about it, there’s a limit on how much you can like and we don’t get enough reponces for it really interrupt anything.


@CamaroKidBB t f is wrong with u

lel jk


hey, look, I’m famous :^D




It’s always Camaro.
Always, Always, Always.

He’s a nightmare to me and my FAL.
Who invited him here?
He’s like a villain in a TV show that we have to defeat!

Who wants to team on that evil Camaro?


hell naw


Russia vs Belgium.

Very interesting


Small country, Big arms.