Suggestion - New weapon - PTRD-41


When CoR gets a remake I think there should be a new weapon - the PTRD-41.
If the PTRD gets into CoR then it should be just like the BFG 50.


Please make a topic that doesn’t sound like a clickbait title. :y


Doesn’t almost all sniper rifles act as the BFG in PF?


Sadly no, Remington and intervention do too little damage to act as real sniper rifles


they should make all sniper rifles 1 shot kill


That’d be OP Prone they will never do that…


makes sence :slight_smile:


Whoops, I meant almost all sniper rifles in COR5 having about the same killing potential as the BFG in PF


But they already did, except for the Lee Enfield and Arisaka


But that’s against Realism then again CoR or PF were never Realistic.
Faster Muzzle Velocities [700-900 m/s] for Sniper Rifles which do 70-90 Damage while DMRs should have [400-600 m/s] Doing 35-45 Damage


Guess what, they all can do one hit kills. But just because a .308 sniper rifle can’t one shot your enemy’s big toe at 500+ studs, doesn’t mean it doesn’t act as a sniper rifle.