Suggestion For Tag Freedom

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I would like the tag system to allow you to pay the 60k to get tags, and then be able to freely change what the tag says. You already pay an ABSURD amount of either Robux, or grinded in-game cash. For someone to spend that much money on the game, you should have a little but more freedom on a short word in front of your name.

This would have zero effect on gameplay, as this is simply a cosmetic feature. It wouldn’t hurt the game at all.

Again, this is just a suggestion, I’d appreciate a response! Thanks!


I don’t see an issue with this, pretty much every person I know has a tag and either wants to change it, or plans to do so.


maybe change tag for reduced price, but not free


One Credit


5000 credits*


Half A Credit




Yes, this sounds good. Either for free or a significantly reduced price.


The reason this will not be implemented is because then people will make innapropriate tags, play one game with their friends for a laugh and quickly change it before getting into trouble.


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