Suggestion: Evolution Part 9 "Infection"


Ok, since I’m now back from the dead I guess it’s time for me to go back to my normal life

Turns on TV. News talking about how zombie invasion just started

Well, I guess all those hours watching Zombie Movies and Series and playing Zombie Videogames will now be worth it

inhales some fresh Hoozer mix




Now, I will be talking stuff about my favorite subject in life


Yep, those creatures that give you the most intense, thrilling and violent action you can ever think about.

Now, after reading some people’s posts and suggestions about the Zombies Mode, I want to talk about that myself

First, we gotta be original so let’s set how a basic zombies mode is

Kill zombies, Win points, Unlock doors that lead to better guns that help you kill more zombies to get more points to unlock more doors to get even better guns to be able to kill much more zombies to gather even more points that help you unlock more doors to get EVEN better-er guns to kill zombies …

Starts convulsing

Ok, that’s the basics of zombies mode by Call of duty

But now, we gotta be original so…

We could use

{[((Minecraft Juice)^Pi)+√(PUBG Essence)^3] / (2TWD + 4WWZ + 3(28DL)} * Z + Euler/Cavendish - Gravity

Ok there we go, now I have it

Now I gotta simplify that equation

It will be X

X + (Cooties/Shaun Of the Dead) - Zombieland + Dawn of the Dead + Apocalypse Rising

Now, the Complete Equation would be

(prepare for the best zombie formula you will ever see=

({[((Minecraft Juice)^Pi)+√(PUBG Essence)^3] / (2TWD + 4WWZ + 3(28DL)} * Z + Euler/Cavendish - Gravity) + ((Cooties/Shaun Of the Dead) - Zombieland + Dawn of the Dead + Apocalypse Rising)

That’s my formula to a successful zombie mode. Now, let’s translate that to human speech

Basically, our zombie mode would make the player start as a civilian with only a knife and a pistol in a house in the middle of the suburbs.

As player progresses through the game, he would have to find components to craft better melees and guns while also surviving not only the infected and other humans, but also the sickness.

No one ever said flu disappeared during a zombie apocalypse, so you better prepare those antivirals

You would also need to survive against cold, hunger and thirst, any illness you catch and, of course, the infected

Survive the enough time and you will receive the big reward of 5 Legendary caches and 25K Credits for PF. The rest of the people will receive the reward they deserve by their score.

Oh, forgot to tell you. You gain points for each relevant action performed.

Here’s the score table

-Resource Obtained (Food,Water,Medicine) [+25]

-Need Supplied / Wound Treated [+25]

-Surviving the Cold [+50]

-Zombie Killed [+100] (Team Kill gives you only +50)(Stealth gives a +50 bonus. Headshot gives a +25 bonus)

-Survivor Killed [+250](Team kill gives you only +125)(Stealth kill gives a +125 bonus. Headshot gives +75 bonus)

-Setting a shelter [+300]

-Building [+10] Finishing a building [+350]

-Vehicle Hit[+20] Vehicle Destroyed/Repaired or Upgraded[+450]

-Day survived[+500]

Now, the prize board

-1st Place: 5 Legendary Cases and 25K Credits

-2nd Place: 3 Legendary Cases and 12.5K Credits

-3rd Place: 1 Legendary Case and 7.5K Credits

Now, the zombie mode will require a fee.

Big risk, Big bounty

Let’s say

75K Credits

If you have a better prize, leave it in the comments

Now, some notes:

You won’t have your money back if you lose or quit

You will be penalized and won’t be able to buy the ticket during a whole week if you lose

A way for you to recover your money is if your death was either caused by a glitch or by a hacker, in which case we will return the TOTALITY of the money

If you are caught cheating or abusing ANY glitch, you will be permanently banned from both the zombie mode and the game

If you succeed but you didn’t make it to the Top 3, you will get 1% of the credits you spent on the ticket and a free case/key of your choice

Top 3 will receive a Winner Tag for their PF account

All participants that survived will receive a 1 month ban from the Zombie mode.

If you bought your ticket but got disconnected for any reason, you can report it so that we can return your money

Artificial Quitting, such as Rage quit, will be penalized with a 2 month ban from Zombie mode and a 3 day ban from the game (Because rage quitting ruins the fun for everyone)

Don’t be worried if you get disconnected, since we will be able to know if you quitted or really got disconnected since it will take 30 seconds for you to quit, which will be logged on a bot. If you instantly show disconnection, we will know for sure that you got disconnected.

If the disconnection is continuous(3rd time) then we will have to take you as a rage quitter.

Those are all the notes I have for now

Sounds cruel, but that’s how it works.

Want a big prize? Then risk everything. All or nothing

Now, that was my suggestion for the Zombie Mode

Now, about the Multiplayer thing

Got no more ideas

So, welp

Until next time…

Hoozer mix effects disappear

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No sign of Frutino.

He’s learning.


I’ve had dreams of mutant fish growths brutally killing a mineshaft full of people with fluids and strange substances flying about, with the fish things growing and turning the mine shaft into a mutant hellscape.

Something tells me that statement is false.


If you have been reading the series, then you should know what the Hoozer is


:point_down: y’know I’m gonna wait for TP to debunk this


This one’s just for you @Abobo


Original? Originality doesn’t exist on Roblox. Have you heard of Jailbreak? CB:RO?? Phantom Forces wouldn’t need to have something original, just something simple, and plain fun, such as CoD Zombies.

What the fuck?

W H A T T H E F U C K! ? ! ?

Or maybe a couple of Phantoms and Ghosts who deserted and decided to team up against the rise of their undead comrades. I don’t wanna be a fucking civilian, I actually wanna be someone relevant.

Let’s add crafting, because that’s totally an original idea that has never been done bef-
Minecraft Hunger Games
Also, shouldn’t the player only get sickness if they are bit or touched too much by the zombies?

Realism + Zombie Mode + Fast Paced FPS
That combination is about as good as the PUBG rip-off on Roblox.

What is with everyone’s obsessions to make Phantom Forces realistic!? Have you played Phantom Forces??? Because I’m sure you know smiling soldiers are not real. I also quote this:

“A tacticool game where lego blockmen can fire a .50 BMG standing up”

Adding realism to Phantom Forces would be the equivalent of pouring an entire salt shaker onto spam, and then dehydrating the spam.

Way too big of a reward. How about simply 50 credits to the winner? I mean, doing this, StyLis could lose revenue.

Tickets? TICKETS???


Where the fuck can I find tickets in Phantom Forces!?!?

You can’t just expect StyLis to just add all of your suggestions you make into the game, because that never happens. When making a suggestion, it shouldn’t link up with your other suggestions because that shows that you believe your suggestions will actually be added at some point. Don’t make your suggested features rely on one another to work, because if one is added, and the other isn’t, StyLis would have to change it to fit in the game properly, and I’m sure you wouldn’t like that.

Who is we? WHO IS WE? I mean, if you’re running this entire part of Phantom Forces and you’ve got a team to back you, using the phrase ‘we’ would work. But you don’t work at StyLis, or are a part of devs who work on this Zombies mode of the game, so you should replace ‘we’ with ‘StyLis’, and replace ‘will’ with ‘should’.

No fucking shit.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? You can’t just ban someone just because they leave during a match!!! What if the kid has to leave because he needs to go to bed? StyLis wouldn’t know that, and he would be banned, just because he left the match to go to bed. This isn’t dumb. This isn’t retarded. This is fucking mental.

Instead of making things more complex than it needs to be, just remove this entire feature.

I messed around with my laptop to make it act as a router for my PC, which has no other way of connection to the internet other than Ethernet. The problem is, it loves disconnecting ~every 20 minutes. So, if this feature were to exist, I’d just be straight up perma banned from the game because of my laptop’s inconsistent connection. Unfair to people like me.

10 Ways To Kill Off A Playerbase: #1

I’d recommend you get off that shit. Because it making you suggest the most complicated and retarded stuff.

A Zombies Mode does not have to be like this. It could just be Like CoD: Zombies: Simple, and Dumb Fun.

But apparently, simple doesn’t work enough for you.


A to the fucking men


have you even taken into account the amount of lag it would make, I mean, you cant play that shit in crane site, so bigger map needed= lag.


I fucking love you

no homo btw


May not exist but still doesn’t mean we still have to crave on it’s decomposed corpse after it has already been over exploited. Also, PF doesn’t feel like that kind of Zombies Formula would work, simply because that zombies formula is just too plain and boring. You may add story and more guns and DLCs and objectives but still, it’s plain. If we were to use another kind of zombies mode that asked more from the player rather than just shooting guns to get points to open doors and keep on repeating that cycle forever and ever, it would basically just be more fun. Trust me when I tell you I die of boredom when I play CoD in general, especially when it comes to zombies.

My belief is that a zombies mode should be more than just getting points. For only making arcade modes, we could just do a MW3 style of survival

Don’t you dare to question my Maffs on tha Hoozer

Actually the Civilian thing came up to me as an idea of a vulnerable being. Since you can’t rest assured thinking you are a trained killing machine, it actually makes it a little little little little bit more realistic. Assume it, in a real life zombie apocalypse we would not get those super abilities of being cold blooded murderers. Being a civilian actually makes it better. Check any of the zombie movies I referenced on my ON HOOZER MAFFS

Well, about crafting I can give you the point on that. It’s not original as a concept, since crafting in videogames is super fucking old, but in the zombie mode I’ve conceived while writing this, it would make it better. You can’t have the comfort of always having a shotgun by your side or finding an Assault Rifle just by turning around the corner. Sometimes you won’t even find a gun.

That’s why you will need to get creative.

I mean, The Division’s Survival Mode has Crafting and that mode is some of the best I have played until today

Also about the sickness


I know I know

My fault there for not explaining myself correctly

With sickness I meant stuff like catching a cold, having random illnesses like diarrhea, flu, fever, mosquito stings and all that kind of stuff you can catch when you are on the wild

Far Cry 2 had it, and it was a game from almost 10 years ago when video games weren’t that advanced but neither that old

What’s wrong in wanting that combination?

Who said I was adding fast-paced mechanics to the mix?

As long as I can recall, I said you spawned as a CIVILIAN so…

You are not a soldier, so you have almost no training

That’s why you are a civilian and not a soldier

Because I want the player to feel exposed

War and Apocalypse are 2 distinct things, but they usually collide and even complement each other

Well about the smiling soldiers, I can give you a point there too. No way you can smile so simply while you are in the middle of a corpse stack

And about the .50 Cal thing, I can give you that point too.

I’m suggesting this for a mode that’s supposed to be completely different from the rest of the game.

Way to big of a reward you say? That’s actually way too little. Imagine. Pay 75K credits to enter. If you win and get to the 1st place, you would only get back 1/3 of what you spent and skins valued in less than 5K credits. And also, this would actually not lead to revenue loss since you are paying 75K for a chance to get what you would not get if you spent that on cases. Now if you don’t make it to the Top 3, you would only get back 1% of what you spent (and a free case/key).

(Trust me. When I won the ABC game on the Discord Server, I wasted the 25K prize I received opening cases. Only got 1 or 2 legendaries)

With tickets I mean like the pass.

Sorry for having TF2 on my mind, Hoozer can mess you up real hard while it’s on

Linked my suggestions because it’s actually a suggestion series. I linked the first 8 parts together as good as I possibly could since every suggestion can complement the others, but they don’t necessarily need each other. If you have read carefully the previous posts on this series, you will actually see that

What makes you say there’s only 1 Poodros? :slight_smile:

(Got carried away by it)

They call me Sherlock Holmes

(Got carried away x2)

Actually a lot of companies have done this. In Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, if you rage quit, you get banned and go to the game’s “Banland”, where all the exploiters and rage quitters are.

I know it’s not completely OK, but If I actually added a way to appeal to your ban in the suggestion, then it would be nice. IDK

Nah, otherwise even the poeple like you, that their internet it’s shit like mine, would also get banned.

Did you stop to think where I live? My Internet is also shit. Our ISP is giving us shit service while charging big to our account. I didn’t make this only thinking in rage quitters, I also thought about people like you and me, but sadly I saw that this “forgiveness for non-intended disconnection” thing could be used to simply rage quit while ruining everyone’s fun or even worse, quitting at purpose so that someone can get the big prize. I agree with you about the limit of disconnections but sadly, if this suggestion was added without a limit of disconnections, what I talked about before would happen for sure

If you want something to be well made, you will need to do it the hard way. We can’t just be like EVERY single other shooter with a zombies mode, just straight up copying CoD zombies.

If PF left a mark in the Roblox FPS history, then why to not leave it twice?


PD: If you don’t like it, when it is added(If it gets added), simply don’t pay the entry fee


Just admit you got killed by TP but I destroyed TP with my panda





Falls to ashes


Just wondering, does anyone actually read through all of this? I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking:


great movie @Poodros_IDOEAT500