Suggestion: Evolution Part 7 "The HUD and the Main Menu"


I gotta run, the Hoozer is in danger

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I have been talking about maps & props, Weapons, Game modes and equipment and all the physical stuff

Now, it’s time to move to


The poor HUD has been totally ignored and it’s literally still looking old

So, here are my suggestions

First, change the colors

Literally, we could use darker tones like crimson, black or dark grey tones

So, the kills could show up with a different aspect

Font: Sci-Fi
Color: Crimson (170,0,0 in RGB)

Text: Enemy Killed! then changes to (USERNAME OF THE PERSON YOUR KILLED)

That would be the colored part of the kill pop-up

The other part would remain the same


But now let’s do a change

Instead of your kill feed showing


+250 Captured a Position

+20 Capturing Position…

+20 Capturing Position…

[+100]Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

[+100]Multi Kill!

[+50]Assaulted a Position!

[+25]Headshot Bonus!

[+100]Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

[+100]Multi Kill!

[+50]Assaulted a Position!

[+100]Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

[+75]Quad Kill!

[+50]Assaulted a Position!

[+100]Enemy Killed! [FN FAL]

[+50]Triple Kill!

[+50]Assaulted a Position!

[+100]Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

[+100]Double Collateral!

[+25]Double Kill!

[+25]Headshot Bonus!

[+50]Assaulted a Position

[+100]Enemy Killed!

[+25]Headshot Bonus!

[+50]Assaulted a Position!

[+25]Teammate spawned on you!

Instead it should show something like

            [+1740]Captured a Position

            Capturing position...

            Capturing position...

            Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

            Multi Kill!

            Assaulted a Position!

            Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

            Multi Kill!

            Assaulted a Position!

            Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

            Quad Kill!

            Assaulted a Position!

            Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

            Triple Kill!

            Assaulted a Position!

            Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

            Double Collateral!

            Double Kill!

            Headshot Bonus!

            Assaulted a Position!

            Enemy Killed![FN FAL]

            Headshot Bonus!

            Assaulted a Position!

            Teammate spawned on You

Yeah, something like that

Also, the box holding the values of ammo, health, grenades and stuff could look better if the Font was changed to code or sci-fi and the color of the frame was black

It should also include the gun name over the ammo

And, since alt grenades like flashbangs and stuff are on the way, they could make a change to the grenades

First, they could make it so that the symbol changes, so that if you have a Frag, it shows an HE symbol. If you have a flashbang, the you have an eye and a bang below it. If you have an incendiary or a molotov, it could show a fire flame, if you have PEM if should show a Wi-Fi symbol with a red cross over it and that sort of stuff

The Kill feed should also change the letter type to Sci-Fi

(Sci-Fi just looks better, but Code wouldn’t look bad either)

Now that was the HUD Changes I got in mind

Let’s now move to the main menu

It looks way to plain

Like, literally, just look

Wait, wrong picture

Ok, there we go

So, the main menu needs a change

It’s literally looking plain and boring

It needs more like…


I don’t know how to say it


Like, for instance, the main menu, could be instead of a plain grey background and a dark grey podium, it could be something like in the Beta, which was basically in different settings like a Metro station, a Hall with the turkey devs, a Hangar like in the CTE or anything

This alone would allow for a higher participation from the community, since the Staff could hold Monthly or Seasonal Contests to see who make’s the best Main Menu background

Now, I’m not saying that they should only make a texture and Voila! but instead they should add blocks to it, like actual building stuff, not just a texture

I know it could make the game lag more, but it should be under the 3K or 4K part limit, so that it doesn’t go too out-of-rails

Also, Text Font should ALSO be Sci-Fi and the frame colors should be either Black and opaque or Dark green, so that it resemble an actual old military computer (or the Pip-boy why not)

About the Weapon Menu, Guns’ podium should instead be a Weapon box or an Ammo Crate prop, and the background should be a place filled with ammo cans and crates and weapon stashes

In the Cosmetics Menu, the Skin Inventory could have it’s background to be filled with crates and paintings with various “Very Rare” Skins and Spray Paint cans and stuff, while the Avatar Customization Menu could have as a background some barracks with the bunk beds, the uniforms, the different gadgets and cosmetic items and stuff

The Tags menu, would have a wall filled with car plates and dog tags and Ripped off Uniform name tags

“Buy Credits” would have it’s own menu with a background of a vault filled with gold and money pallets

“Settings” would have a background either of engines and machinery or rows of servers and computers.

Also, the Main Menu should also display an Image of the current map, it’s name and the current game-mode, while also displaying the actual scoreboard and the time left

Back to the HUD, the Mini Map, should have an overview of the map. I mean, there are plugins that allow that in the Studio and I have seen them working

Also, it could indicate North, South, East and West and also instead of representing your player with a dark blue block, your player could be a white arrow.

And also, eliminated players could be replaced with a red X (just like in CSGO)

The chat should be able to be shown or not and it could be smaller, just limited from the bottom left corner to the bottom middle, while the server version could be shown in Settings

Now, time for sound effects.

Since Arekan had sound effects for almost everything in the menu but I’m too lazy to recall how they are named I’m gonna link that Website post

Now that I checked let’s see

Basically there are sounds for

Menu Switch

Purchase Ask and Purchase Completed

Attaching any mod

Those are the sound files, and to be completely honest, it’s not a bad idea.

Now I would suggest some sounds

For when there’s a Team message

For when there’s an Important announcement

For when there’s a votekick(TF2 Influence)(Ok no, basically every time a skid finds someone that’s better than him, it will sound, if you get my point)

Victory and Defeat(or Stalemate)

Those are sound, now back to the Victory or Defeat screen and the Round start screen

They could do what MW2 did, which was basically adding a rolling in animation to each sign when it came in and out of view. They could also add a glitching in animation for the Team Logos

Those are my suggestions for the HUD and the main menu

Now, I may have to say this here

This MAY be the end of my “Evolution” Suggestion series but it’s not the end of the frutiño journey.

Until next time…

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