Suggestion: Evolution Part 6 "Experiments"


So, may the defendant’s lawyer proceed

Thank you, estimated judge

So, for all the evidence I have brought here, there’s no proof that this man is guilty of the charges you have gave to him

OK. Due to all the evidence and witnesses presented on this court hall, I hereby declare Mr. Poodros innocent and free of any charges

May I leave now?

Yes you can, sir


leaves the court and goes home

inhales some fresh Hoozer mix



Today, if you read the title, I’m going to talk about my suggestions for the Stylis’ experimentation camps, better known as


Here’s where all my frutiño thing started

But now, I have to complain about some stuff.

First, let’s define what’s the test place

It’s a place… to test stuff

generic background explosion NAILED IT

Ok, seriously, here’s what I don’t get about the test place

Why can’t we TEST the new stuff in the test place?

I mean, it’s there for a reason

Why is it called “Test Place” if we are not going to be able to test the new toys?

Literally the only people that are allowed to test the new stuff are devs, staff and some youtubers

The whole rest of the community is kept away from them, when the testing should be for everyone!

(No communist tho)

If you are going to keep testing limited then that place should be named


And only give access to certain people, while also only showing a picture of that new feature and that’s it.

That’s wrong.

It’s the test place for a reason, everyone must have equal access to the new features so that we can have a better perspective on what is going to come and if we don’t feel ok with it, suggest some balancing changes.

Also, if it’s the test place, why do you keep old features in it?

I don’t get why are you keeping the guns that are already in game in a place that’s specifically for testing NEW features.

So, my suggestion for the test place is

  1. Eliminate rank requirements for the new features

  2. Disable level progression since the rank requirements will be gone (Just like in the demo)

  3. Eliminate features that are already in game so that there’s more space for new features.

Even the maps, so that we can have a better observation over the new incoming community maps. You can’t say there are few of them because they are literally 1.6x the amount of maps in PF (counting the maps that are in “NEEDS WORK” since for what I understand, if their failures are fixed they CAN make it to testing)

Now you can’t say that everyone will play with the new features when they drop because it won’t happen, basically because most of the newly released features are destined for ranks 80 or up


3 semi-auto shotguns

1 LMG that’s fast af

1 SMG that’s the literal jewel of Germany’s weapon industry

1 new auto pistol that’s a TEC-9 with REX damage

2 new melees that are really good in my opinion

I bet that literally, no low rank that doesn’t have his mom’s cred card (damn skids) is going to have their hands over those for a considerably large amount of time, so you can rest assured that there will still be skids with Hecctate or BFG or M60

  1. Give us an estimated time of release for each feature

Literally the new guns have been there for almost a month and still no assured release date. If you are going to release new features, at least tell us when to expect them, because is actually annoying that someone says “Imma invent teleportation” and he died and he never did, and while he was alive he was always saying “I’m making progress, It will be ready soon” but soon was in a 100 years.

Now, that was my complain and suggestion for the test place

Let’s now move to another thing that everyone is still crying now days


Yeah, show those tears to me!

We are all missing our CTE simply because it did what the Test Place never does

Now, the problem was that it wasn’t official so we know that it’s ideas would never make it into the main game

If Stylis hosted the Test Place as the CTE was hosted(plus my suggestions), we could actually have a better time waiting for our new toys.

Also, about the flashbang models and that stuff ,/u/shaylan007, I got some you could use :slight_smile:

Now, I will make double post today, stay tuned

Hoozer mix effects disappear

Ah! It feels great to be at home

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