Suggestion: Evolution Part 5 "Operations"


(DEEP, CELESTIAL VOICE) showed us the true way, fellow believers. Now, I must consume the sacred substance in order to get more knowledge for you.

Goes to the back of the church

Takes out Hoozer from his secret chest

Master, what is that?

That, my beloved disciple, it’s what (DEEP, CELESTIAL VOICE) left behind for me to share with the world

Hope that he returns one day

Yes, I’m waiting for that moment too. For now, return with your family and share the secret

Gives a bit of Hoozer to his disciple

inhales some fresh Hoozer mix



Ah! Boom!

Big legitpoodros

Along frutiño

uncomprehensible gibberish

Boom! It’s time my people!

Starts doing gangsta rapping

Ok, enough intro, time for serious business.

Today, I will make suggestions on something we are all worried about


And, this won’t be an easy thing to do so hope the power of (DEEP, CELESTIAL VOICE) helps me on this one

So, my first game mode suggestion is


(no reference to the Security Breach that happened back on February obviously xD)

This game mode is based on an activity of the same name that’s in the Division

You basically have to stand close to the Computer’s location site in order to interrupt and eventually stop the Security breach that’s helping the other team steal your data.

Points are won by either staying on the point for more than 30 seconds, getting within the enemy computer’s location site or by killing players that are within the enemy Computer’s location site or yours.

Points are lost by leaving the point without any player presence or letting enemies within your computer’s location site.

Being within the Computer’s Location site marks the player on the radar until the match ends, so if you are planning to camp, you are out of luck, unless you have good teammates.

Computer’s location site can be contested if there’s an enemy within the location site and there’s also an ally. No points will be lost or won if your computer site or the enemy site is contested

Basically King of The Hill but if you leave the hill, you start losing points. And if no one is watching the hill, it’s your lucky day.


Yeah, we all know what it…


Ok no

Basically is a Domination by phases

You capture a point and hold it for 3 minutes, then you proceed to the next point and do the same. If you capture the 4 zones, you win

Man, if this mode even got tested once, that means there’s chance for it to make it


Basically, what you play in P.E class sometimes but with guns.

This one has complete greenlight, since Shay explicitly said that he created Suburbia and Dunes just to push Lito to create CTF (check leelee’s Q&A if you don’t believe me)


A supply plane has been destroyed nearby and it has dropped supplies the main squad requires to advance. Get them secured

Basically, you gotta pick up various supplies spread across the map and get them to your base’s flare. You get points by securing supplies or killing supply carriers.

Carrying a supply prop forces you to use your secondary.

First team to 150 wins


Basically is defend the leader.

First team to get 20 Officer Kills wins

Since the Officer will have a permanent mark on him, he will have one advantage.

He will be able to cure himself if he’s not suppressed or in combat

Healing takes 25 seconds and the officer can’t move or shoot during that time period.

The Officer can replenish up to 95HP, but he only has 4 Heals.


Also, since the Officer is a superior rank, he will have an Area of Effect around him that grants his allies, inspiration, which translates into 2.5% more damage but also traduces to 10% less protection to damage.

Officer can’t be affected by Disruptor, but he can’t receive adrenaline shots.

Team that wins will receive an extra match win drop, that would be 100 credits, while the Officer gets the Match win drop and an extra reward of 200 credits (Because that man was basically the one who was in danger the most)


Yes, I used CoD for this one

Basically, kill someone and take what he drops(which would be dog tags)

Since we are making confirmed kills, you would get XP points for the kill and Round points for the dog tags picked up

First team to 300 wins

Now, those were the new game modes. Let’s move to a popular thought that I thought about while writing the title

Phantom Forces could introduce daily objectives, which would be named “Operations” and those would be basically simple tasks like for example

Daily Operation: Get 20 Kills

Reward: 50 Credits

Weekly Operation: Get up to a 7 people streak

Reward: 400 Credits

Monthly Operation: In one match, Get a KDR superior to 6

Reward: 1500 Credits

Season Operation: Find evidence about extraterrestrial life

Reward: 4000 Credits

Something like that.

Also, in the victory screen, below the ending score and everything, you could place a text label that mentioned the MVP



Rebels (450) - Ghosts (230)

Round’s best soldier: RealGoodUsernameRelatedToFrutiño

The MVP would get an extra reward of 100 credits

Welp, that’s all.

Stay tuned!

Until Next time…

Hoozer mix effects disappear


He’s waking up!

Hands UP, FBI!



Good night, officers

Sir, you have been arrested due to conspiration, drug trafficking and homicide. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you. If you can’t afford to have a lawsuit, you will have one granted by the goverment

Wait, I haven’t done any of those

Yeah, you can tell that to a federal judge

EVOLUTION Suggestion Thread Portal

Fuck hoozer


no u


Ok suggestions

Bad rebel team no one wants rebels

MVP would be more in favor with team carriers

Intros and outros go on too long




Welcome to the topic where nobody can be on topic for some reason.

I don’t think confirmed kills has a lot of incentive to play the objective. Perhaps kill xp could be lowered so just going around killing everyone without collecting your kill is not a good strategy. Also, I’ve never played cod, is it possible to steal other teammate’s kills by just running around collecting kills? If it does, something tells me the kill collect xp should be much lower than the kill.

75xp for kill
50xp for kill collect.

Seems good to me


Actually, I stated that you would gain XP from the kill but your team would gain Round points for you kill collect, didn’t say there was going to be any XP awarded


Here’s the issue, without the kill collect xp, people will just stall the game by not collecting kills. The longer the game stalls for, the more kills you can get. At least with TDM, there’s a limited amount of kills that can be done by one team. This gamemode would allow a near infinite amount of kills for xp farming.

Tl;dr kill xp matters a lot


Ok, ok

Your change suggestion is legit. It’s part of my suggestion now

Here, have some Frutiño

gives frutiño