Suggestion: Evolution Part 4 "Equipment"


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Today, I will post a topic that I have already posted before, but this time it will have even more stuff

So Let’s get started with it

As you may recall from my previous post in this series, I suggested Avatar Cosmetics, and between those, I mentioned the backpack

Right now, that backpack would be part of the actual equipment since it would be totally different from the other avatar cosmetics

Here it is

You would get backpack skins from cases, while legendary backpacks would be just like the actual legendary skins for melees but for backpacks.

Let’s suppose that from now on, everyone has a backpack (let’s suppose it is a backpack)

Tactical bonuses would be like more ammo reserves or more frag reserves.


This attachment increases your ammo reserves by 25% (From 30/120 to 30/150, From 7/42 to 7/49, From ) and would be represented with a backpack attachment like this one (lets suppose it is a backpack attachment) This attachment also reduces your grenade reserves to only 2


The same would happen with the grenades, but it would give the player only 1 more grenade (had 3, now has 4) and would be represented by this attachment (lets suppose x2)This also reduces your ammo reserves by one mag or 25% of the ammo reserves (From 30/120 to 30/90)(From 7/42 to 7/35)(From 1/40 to 1/30, etc…)


And just in case flashes and smokes get added, then this pouch would let the player carry only 2 tactical grenades, and it would be represented by this backpack attachment (lets suppose x3)


This backpack attachment (lets suppose x4) would replace your grenades for an adrenaline shot, that can be both used in teammates or on yourself. One adrenaline shot would make you regen 3x faster for 7 seconds.

After using the adrenaline shot, your protection to damage is reduced by 10% for 5 seconds and your speed is reduced in a 5% for 5 seconds. Also your vision gets slightly blurry and less colored during this period. The maximum amount of health you can regenerate up to is 75 HP


Basically, this attachment gives you the option of taking an even stealthier approach to the fight, since all the enemies within it’s area of effect will see their HUD and disrupted, basically incapacitating them since they don’t have any idea about their ammo reserves, grenades, Hill status, Team status and, most importantly, Radar.

Since your enemy is within the disruption radio, he will know he’s disrupted because his HUD will glitch out.

Disrupting an enemy will give you the “Disruptor” Bonus, which could be a 50 point bonus

You may think it’s your time to become Solid Snake, but be careful, because here come the disadvantages

First, your ammo reserves are reduced by 50%, due to all the equipment you’re carrying.

Also, you only have 1 grenade, and it’s not a Frag but a TRDD (Tactical Remote Disruption Device), which is essentially a PEM grenade that would disrupt all enemies hit by it for a minute. The kills performed on this enemies would give half of the Disruptor bonus.

Also, since you’re carrying the Disruptor Equipment, your HUD will be shutdown and you will move slower. You won’t be able to spot enemies, but you won’t be able to be spotted or show up on your enemy’s radar, same as enemies won’t show up on your radar since it’s off (duh)

Let me show you a diagram of how the Disruptor AoE works

Enemies within the red sphere (which is the Disruptor AoE) will be Disrupted. Since you’re within the AoE you will be perma disrupted(shut off but ye)

Enemies outside of the AoE won’t be able to spot you but they won’t be disrupted.

Also, while disrupted, you won’t be able to hear anything since your comms are also disabled. Basically you will hear static and white noise until the disruptor either dies or leaves you alone.

Disruptor AoE won’t be visible obviously

Since I know that there are skids with their Mom’s cred card, This attachment can only be obtained in a Legendary Drop from Tier 3 or higher cases


This Attachment would be just like any armor you use in any other game. Armor would reduce the damage you take by 15%, but it would make you slower and it could break if you are attacked with AP Ammunition, while also reducing your ammo reserves by 25% and your grenades to only 2

Same unlocking condition as Disruptor

(Keep those damn skids with their Moms’ cred cards away from my Equipments)

Picture showing my suggested backpacks (lets suppose they are what i will name them)

From Left to Right, Backpack, Go-Bag and Messenger Bag

Oh and also…


That’s the base model for it without and with the equipment attachment(Left to Right)

Now let’s move to behind cover reference pics with each backpack





Now, let me tell you about the types of Equipments


Name is self- explanatory. Basically it modifies an specific value. Carrier Equipment and Fragger Equipment are Value-Alter type Equipments.


This attachments are basically limited to an specific kind of equipment. Medical and Striker are restricted type, since you can’t equip adrenaline or tactical grenades without their respective attachments.


This ones are there and affect the player in any kind of way. Disruptor and Armor are presencial type, since they are there, not physically but status-wisely, since they both affect the player and the rest of the people


(Now that’s what I call balancing)



Well, now that I have finished with my Equipment suggestion, I guess I have said everything I had

Until next time…

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Not going to do a full response because I’m lazy, but while I don’t like the idea of armor, I do think its really great to have AP round affect it, good idea there (btw, whats going on with the metro remake? I havent seen much about it on discord.)


My man, I’m sorry about keeping the revamp down a lil bit.

I have been working on the Stilia Residence map I presented for the map contest, since we got to “Needs Work” we have a chance of getting it in

Now, I can focus on the revamp while waiting for Shay to answer me