Suggestion: Evolution Part 10 "New Horizon"


I guess this is the end

I made all the suggestions I possibly could

Now, I’m out of ideas.

Anyways, people enjoyed this whole Hoozer thing

And I’m happy for that

But I guess it’s time to look for new horizons, new experiences.

inhales some fresh Hoozer mix

Well, I guess this was it

I’m officially finishing “Evolution”

I already did my suggestions in PF, so I have nothing else to say

I will only say this. The Zombies Mode I suggested should be an entirely separate game, without the prizes and entry fee and that stuff

And, about the new Horizon, I mean it.

This time right now would be great for Stylis to start more proyects. 2018 seems like it’s going to be a year of great change for the whole world.

If Stylis started development on another game, it would surely be as good as PF or maybe even better.

It doesn’t have to be a shooter.

It can be anything, but it has to be fresh and cool.

Won’t talk about retaking dropped proyects anymore, since it seems like a lost battle there.

Instead I think it’s time for the whole community to take a step forward and plant the seed of change

Not only for the Developers, it’s time for everyone here to start creating, to start discovering themselves, to start experimenting, failing and retrying.

From the normal user up to the Stylis crew, we are all capable of creating.

We may not have the experience or the skill, but what I have learned during my time living is that Life is your mentor and Patience is your tool

If you want and can, you should start creating, contributing, conceiving, you should start exploiting your talents.

Now, it won’t be an easy task

It will require dedication, time and even a lot of sacrifices. It will be a long way but if you continue steadily, that way will lead you to something really valuable


If you are willing to create, don’t be afraid of failure. You WILL fail, but failure is the way to success.

I have seen a lot of good projects and ideas during my time here, but sadly almost none of them have been developed.

Don’t be afraid of making your project

You are not making it to impress anyone. You are making it because you want to make it

I started creating when I was 13 and I built like absolute crap, hell I still build like crap, but one thing that my family taught me was to never give up.

Today, I’m still building like shit, but just like in the past, I’m feeling proud of my creations. Even if no one liked it, I knew I did my best and that next time I can do better.

I’m proud of all the suggestions I made in this series, now it’s time for you to start imagining and suggesting

Who knows, maybe the devs will read

Hoozer mix effects disappear

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finally, the nightmare ended!

(some of them are good, but overall there just mah)


i didn’t read any of them were they interesting