Suggestion - Battlefield 1 style bayonet charges


Simply press a button, and you charge forward with your gun, performing a bayonet kill animation if you hit anyone.


Two words…

Extreme work

But still really cool


For COR5, maps probably have to be made bigger for that or sprint slower/shorter, I imagine running through D-Day to bayo someone right after the match starts.


I think there is another topic that mentions bayonets, but I really would LOVE to have a bayonet on my Mosin :stuck_out_tongue:


Should there be bayonets for secondaries?
I’m just thinking of running around with a bayonet on my serbu and making rage XD


A Bayonet would only really be useful on a longer gun, so probably not.


There wasn’t a Serbu during WWII tho


The closest thing to a Sebru in WW2, that I know of, was the Trench Gun.


There also weren’t mp5’s but there are mounting kits


Bro, this is COR 5 we’re talking about


And where would they test out a cor5 idea first?


I doubt they’d do it on Phantom Forces…at least I hope not. These two games have different playstyles, so fundamental changes should be tested individually.


There is limited use with modern day bayonets.


yes and no. i get your idea but it shouldn’t be in the game. it is a good idea but instead have a attachment on semi automatic gun which is a bayonet to knife fast. we should focus more on stopping hacking and weapon balance. good idea tho


Bayonet, eh? my friend, you think well.


That’s going to be a piece of work. An animation like Battlefield 1 would take a lot, though if they could make it work, it would be a big hit.


Okay, like everyone else has been saying, this would be a lot of work. But yes, a bayonet charge would be awesome.