StyLis Studios Discourse Community-run Discord


Hello my fellow children of StyLis

I’d like to tell you that we have a decently small but strong and sane server run by the StyLis Discourse community

And if you don’t know what is Discourse, it’s basically this site’s platform, the same e exact one you’re using to read this

So here’s the current and new permanent invite to the server

Permanent invite

The server is just for people to hang out, so it’s really just a form of communication without making posts in Discourse

Have fun!


Im sorry to say this, but discourse is not as good as discourse


time to delet “sane” from your description of it


i joined and left maybe 3 months ago
i guess ill join again
and pls remove the 10 minute suspension when someone joins the server
its super annoying


No…I keep it there…(Security…) And so we have proper time to role and rank you…




Revive, we got new link, new server


aaaaaa we need more peepo


Revive screeeeeeeeee