Stupid shit you believed as a kid


I thought that instead of sex, you got a baby by asking God for a baby. And he’d place one in your womb.

oh the days, when my mind was pure innocence. I want it back




I thought pop music was good.


Don’t worry, when I was still figuring out what sex was, I at first thought women get pregnant by swallowing. RIP.




please don’t tell me i was the only one who thought pregnancy started with a kiss like they’d do at the end of every movie


me too

I also believed I was a special snowflake and everyone knows me and i own the world. little did little me knew that it was the case

I’m now just an insignificant 15 year old that no one cares, struggling with identity, stress, school, depression, my future career, conscription, my past mistakes, everything basically


I also thought TV channels, shows and stuff we’re 24/7 Live.
I didn’t knew they could pre-record them.


I thought people fucking died when they were filming an action movie with guns


I thought bullet went flying with the casing

Anime lied to me


News channels and movies still do that


I thought the entire bullet, with casing and everything, shot out of the gun.
So yeah, I couldn’t explain how a 12 Gauge split up.

And I thought everything we knew was made in America: Eiffeltower, FAL,…


I thought AK-47’s were used during WW2




I used to think the air was free until I bought a bag of potato chips.

Also, the title is spelled incorrectly. It’s believed.


I used to have a dream of being a Police Officer but I saw one die in TV so…


i thought the world could be peaceful and everyone and every country were friends.

and i didnt mean only diplomatically friends. like people saw each other and said “omg hi!” every time

I was wrong…

china vs usa intensifies


Thanks for the correction.


I thought we hated Russia? Or was it China? Do we still hate Vietnam? I know we hate Syria.


Isn’t China a ally?