Stupid shit you believed as a kid


I’ll start.

I thought that below ground, in a small metal box, there was a man controlling everything at every single traffic light.


That I’ll grow up happy

jk. I thought eating foil will kill me.


That my parents were spies taking secret ways through roooms


That the shop near my house would sell food for free to children ( turns out they gave food to me for free, then charged my parents for it, fucking smart asses)


That Santa had a binoculars capable of xray and observing every child in the world to see if they are nice or naughty.

Don’t ask.


That the supermarket always gave your money back for some reason (I didn’t know what change was back then)


I used to think that the squeaks made by sneakers when rubbing up against the floor meant that the batteries in the smoke detectors were low.


I also used to think that guys with cornrows/dreads/ long hair were girls. In kindergarten, I was yelling at some dude in our line to go into the girls line because his cornrows made me think he was a girl


AS WELL AS not being able to tell the difference between lightskin/mixed people with white people. One day, I looked at my lightskin brother and asked my mom Mom, why is my brother white, and not black?


Jesus TP who dropped you?




I used to believe tp was normal until now


I was never normal


When I was really little, I legit believed that boys evolved into girls as they grew up and that girls evolved into boys.

I also couldn’t tell the difference between someone being pregnant and overweight.

Five year old me was a retard.


couldnt tell if up was down

i thought space was outer earth


When I was 6 I thought high school was for people who were high


In cocaine


oh my fucking god I fell for this too
There was this food stand at a hotel in Cambodia that gave me eggrolls with no questions asked
and then my mom yelled at me when she told me she had to pay for a bunch of eggrolls


I used to think that middle school and high school have only one grade



I used to think that you got married to your sister, rather than develop a relationship with a complete stranger for a varied amount of time. And I was completely unaware of what incest was.