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Ghosts are basically an evolved and armed version of ANTIFA, where the progressive left militarized itself to form a terrorist organization. Ghosts will attack prominent right wing locations, which belong to the Phantoms. The Phantoms is the other army of the now divided states.
The Phantoms are the militia of the North American States, and the Ghosts are the militarized civilians of the New United States.
The Phantoms’ home base is in Houston Texas, now considered the capital of the U.A.S, and the Ghosts’ home base is in Washington DC, which was promptly attacked by the Ghosts and made into the capital of the N.U.S
The Ghosts known in the game are not actually a real military squad; they are a large special forces unit tasked with wreaking havoc on the U.A.S deep behind enemy lines.
The Ghost squad’s official name is FFAJ (For Freedom And Justice). These are 3 of their most famous and infamous members.
Lieutenant John B Himley, an ex-assassin who used his skills to assassinate former U.S President Donald J Trump during his speech while running for his second term.
Major Royce C Renolds, an explosive expert who managed to take down 3 government buildings in Houston at once, killing 43 government officials, including the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, and the Vice President.
And the infamous Red Soldier: Skar. Known only by his codename, Skar is a master of counter-intelligence, spycraft, and is the best marksman in the N.U.S, once hitting 15 bullseyes in a row. Skar went M.I.A during the assassination attempt of Mike “Zapp” Pence, the current president of the U.A.S His current whereabouts are unknown, although he reportedly swallowed his cyanide capsule.

The Phantoms are an elite defense force used by the U.A.S in their times of need. They have come into combat with the Ghosts multiple times. The Phantoms are also an elite squad, and the squad name is “The Iron Shield”. They protect everything from landmarks to being bodyguards. There are quite a few prominent members as well.
Antony S Yalovich, an ex-spetsnaz operator who immigrated to the United States shortly before the civil war broke out. He took on a new life after his forced retirement from the elite unit. Yalovich is a sniper, and is known by his codename as the Blind Hawk, as all of his victims are found missing an eye. Yalovich has 374 confirmed kills, 283 of which were headshots.
The Reaper: The Reaper is an actual Nazi who’s name has been lost. Anyone who knew it does not live to tell the tale. Reaper is a strategic mastermind, and in hand-to-hand combat, he is unmatched. Nothing is known about his past, and he is a ghost aside from his one trademark feature; a skull carved with a knife directly onto his face. He has an estimated 492 confirmed kills.

Here is the story of the maps.

METRO: President Mike Pence was on a subway train that was on its way to a meeting between heads of state. However, the train was ambushed and derailed on a subway, where the Ghosts were lying in wait. A battle insues between the two squads, and it continues on even after President Pence is escorted to safety.

CRANE SITE: The Crane Site was a large scale operation in Arizona, it was to be a new military outpost for the Phantoms, and it was already guarded by some. The ghosts launched a preemptive assault on the compound, rushing the ill-prepared soldiers, and the famous Iron Shield squad was deployed.

MALL CONSTRUCTION: As part of a campaign to reign terror on the population of the U.A.S, the Ghosts were given orders to attack urban areas with high populations. The Mall was in construction when it was attacked. A squad of Phantoms was deployed to combat the terrorist threat and to calm the populous.

DESERT STORM: During a friendly visit to the now American-friendly state of Iraq, Mike Pence had an attempt on his life, and this is where the FFAJ squad struck. A bullet missed Pence by mere inches, hitting and instantly killing his bodyguard. The president was rushed to the safety of a nearby secure bunker, and the local forces engaged the Ghosts. The local military had a casualty rate of 85%, compared to the Ghosts’ 10%. However, the Phantoms stepped in to provide relief to the local military, and to ward off the remaining Ghosts. During this mission, Skar went M.I.A, and there was no trace of him.

HIGHWAY LOT: This mission was another part of the campaign to wreak havoc on the populated areas of the U.A.S, like Mall Construction.

WAREHOUSE: Warehouse was being used as a training facility for new recruits into the Ghosts, and as a testing ground for experimental weapons. For the first time, the Iron Shield struck hard and quickly, decimating the local forces, and stealing millions of dollars worth of experimental weaponry and research. However, during their escape, more Ghost reinforcements arrived, pinning the Phantoms in.

The war the game details is not a traditional one, it is an ideological one; which meant domestic terrorism ran rampant in both countries.


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The Phantoms shot at Ghosts. They stalemate so much they keep on fighting.


But what makes the phantoms with normal guns stronger? Special bullets, or super stong armory?


Or maybe they’re just more elite. Better training and/or more experience.

If you put a US Army trooper against a VDV in hand-to-hand combat, the VDV guy is gonna win. They’ve had better training. It’s pretty much the same concept here.