Storyline Ideas


did you make that?


Phantoms (French)
Ghosts (Russians)

Ravod 911
Phantoms (Americans)
Ghosts (Russians)

Crane Site Revamped
Phantoms (Americans)
Ghosts (Siberians or Russians)

Mall Construction
Phantoms (British)
Ghosts (Russians)

Highway Lot
Phantoms (Americans)
Ghosts (North Koreans)

Crane Site
Phantoms (British & Americans)
Ghosts (ISIS)

Desert Storm
Phantoms (Americans)
Ghosts (ISIS)


i feel like that was a legit 10000% waste of time


Yeah. XD


Also, note: the Ghosts in that possible lore is not Russia. It’s just a group of unknowns; they could be Russian, but this isn’t funded or supported by the Russian Federation.


I maent a fucking storyline or plot




Really, that’s a wonderful thing for a trailer.


They were called Ghosts.
Silent, deadly, ruthless.
No one knew where they came from, or how they operated.
They came in massive waves, overcoming entire armies within minutes.
Russia was the first to fall. Moscow was taken without even a single shot fired.
The United States was next.
The most powerful military in the world could not even hold a candle to them.
Next was China.
The largest military in the world could not do anything either.
And the nations continued to fall.
France, Germany, Spain, the Koreas, Japan.
All of these fell within days.
The Ghosts were almost the perfect soldiers.
They followed orders without question, felt no fear, and showed no mercy.
They received none, either.
All the nations that fell did not go down without a fight.
Millions of Ghosts fell to the barrels of weapons.
But yet they still came, throwing thousands of soldiers against defensive positions like the soldiers were cannon fodder.
It turned out they were exactly that.
The surviving military forces of the world banded together in an attempt to destroy the Ghosts.
Their answer?
A special forces squad, composed of the best men in every single military.
They are the Phantoms.
They are our last hope.


i have an idea you should look at what i posted and should kinda revise to fix some of the good ideas with mine and then itll be PERFECT




Hmm creativity lol


I tried. XD


Ummm, purge king? JK that’s probably old by now, what about…idk.


In order to have actual good flowing lore. Everything needs to seem to connect, not all thrown together for Memes. Actual good story writing. For the both sides of PF, Ghosts and Phantoms, you need to explain what the significance of the two are in this world of PF. What is their significance to the maps, and what are the maps purpose of these skirmishes between both sides. What are Ghosts and Phantoms reasons they need to fight the other, do they have a better reason why this can’t end in a treaty. Is it for resources? Or is it for a glory contest?


So you want me to make a storyline?


I can make it when I have time. Creative writing honestly is one of my favorites things to do. It’s probably the degree I’m going to go for in college. When I have the munny


Go right ahead. I’ll help.


I think it would be quite FUN to add to the wiki and the thought of it is also, VERY cool


I do military roleplay and lorewriting on a forum elsewhere, and when I smell stuff like these…
I HUNGER. Anyway, whaddya need? Alternate history? Characters? Snippets?