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Once there was a dude that grabbed an M60, then a dude grabbed a BFG, they killtraded eachother and went into war cuz they both thought they were better than eachother


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October 19th, 2018. The world is at war. Battle rages across the planet as military forces worldwide battle with an unknown, a new enemy, but nonetheless human – and still, very, very lethal.

A week earlier, the attacks started. Naturally, as the first nation of the free world, the United States was attacked first. San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City were bombed. Not with a nuclear weapon, but a series of detonations devastating the cities and killing many.

Next was Germany. First in Berlin, then Munich.

Soon, Australia. The United Kingdom. Japan. France. Russia. China. Canada. India, Koreas, and many more. All attacked, all devastated, some of their leaders barely making it out alive. They quickly rally their forces and take to the defence of their cities and towns, and in doing so, contact each other to form a coalition to contain the unseen threat.

And soon, their opposition reveals itself. They call themselves “Ghosts,” invisible hunters, prepared to kill. Choke. Terrify. Nobody can see them, but they sure as hell see everyone else. And they are poised to destroy.

As nations banded together, several things became clear about the Ghosts. Firstly, that they were numerous, but unclear in numbers. Secondly, that normally trained soldiers were no match in bulk for them. Sending a common infantryman to fight the Ghosts is no better than sending a lamb into a slaughterhouse. No, no, normal military would not defeat the Ghosts.

But something else could.

The nations present in this new coalition, dubbed the International Defence Organisation come up with a plan, something to push back the Ghosts. One thing to match them:

A multi-national special operatives squad. The best of the best from each nation. Soon, this group is numbering in the thousands as special ops from many countries join – the United States Navy SEALs, the Russian Spetsnaz and VDV, the British Special Air Service, for some example.

These elites are provided with extensive weaponry available, attachments for each, and many more things in order to prove effective in countering the Ghosts. And thus, they are named the “Phantoms,” stalkers in the night; ghosts, but yet more terrifying, more black ops, more shadowlike than a ghost. The perfect weapon: fight darkness with darkness.

And it works. The Ghosts begin to take casualties, and their numbers notably cut. They are now on the defensive as the Phantoms deploy to end their reign of horror. But soon, the Ghosts push back, and the Phantoms face defeat. The process continues, taking ground only to give it up later. Both sides suffer the same.

Now, it is up to you. Will you join the Ghosts, or the Phantoms? You choose. Simply remember, you will have the world in your hands no matter the choice…

Metro - A subway station in downtown New York, all but abandoned before the ensuing battle. Shops and kiosks are scattered throughout, and there are many hiding spots, as well as a wide-open main corridor…

Mall Construction - Located in Canada, specifically Calgary, Alberta. Construction on this shopping mall ceased quickly after the invasions, and the neighbouring parking garage was the only part that finished construction. So there is now an incomplete mall with would-be shops, an open roof area, and a courtyard, plus some other spaces like stairwells and the garage nearby…

Crane Site - An oil company’s management facility, complete with a small parking garage, a near-finished office building, the structure of another unknown building, a small garage, and a convenience store/gas station. This became a battleground near Mexico City, Mexico, as Ghosts advanced northwards towards the southwest United States. Oh, did I mention the crane?

Crane Site Revamped - A similar facility, now with two construction cranes and several more buildings. This are is enlarged, and located in a snowier climate – specifically, several miles north of Yorkshire, north United Kingdom in the wintertime.

Desert Heat - Located somewhere in Iraq, this map takes place in a small town. There are two run-down natural gas containers and a old oil pump, but otherwise, there isn’t much anything of note here. However, it seems there was a battle between military and terrorist forces, shown by the presence of Iraqi tanks and improvised combat vehicles.

Highway Lot - An office building, storage facility, and parking garage along a smaller branch of the German Autobahn. Wide-open spaces allow for long-range tactics, but the heaviest combat occurs in a dingle hallway, requiring some more close-up and face-to-face combat skills. It was under construction at the time of the Ghost onslaught…

Ravod 911 - This was a military factory that produced weaponry for the Russian military, most prominently armoured vehicles. A nearby train station makes export and imports easy, and a road going out the campus also helps in supply. There are two connected buildings, one producing structures whilst the other makes individual parts, connected by an underground tunnel. Note the elevated fluid pipes snaking around the factory as well. Located approximately fifty miles east of Volgograd, Russia.


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