Stop going on about peoples grammar


The point of replying to discussions is to discuss the topic, not to go on about peoples grammar. I’ve seen way too many posts doing this,

if you see people do this, flag the posts if its off topic



I’m way ahead of you


Thank you. I can’t spell on a phone since the keyboard is small.


Though I agree with this, I find this a bit controversial. What if we read a topic and couldn’t understand it, since it has poor grammar? Do we still get punished if we asked for better grammar?


me gremmer iz bed


Wasn’t this told to us before?


yeah, people aren’t getting the memo though


If you can’t read the topic, don’t ask for better grammer. You can always just ignore a bad topic.

If you must try to figure out what is being said, say that you don’t understand and need it to be rephrased.


Let me guess, this is here because I had a short grammar lesson on the usage of “an”


Incorrect, this been a problem for a long time. The problem has grown recently and needs to be stated again.




Sir yessir


oml your grammar is so bad plz get a life.



I agree to a certain extent that we shouldn’t be “criticising your terrible grammar”. Cus honestly, let’s all admit, no one’s grammar is perfect.

And if someone just makes a small issue, like

Did you know that the Mosin have no full auto function

Then just being trigger that that “have” in that sentence really isn’t gonna help. Because it’s just a small isue, and what’s most important is the main message

But honestly, if the gammar is sooooooo bad, then I think it’s only right that we try to fix and understand what the person is saying. And obviously in a polite and civilised manner

Otherwise, just ignore it.


This topic is about don’t insult people about their grammar and you just insulted him


ok, look, everyone had bad grammar, look ato our usernames.




k sur I well

(jk pls no kill lord toothless)