Starting a Custom Map For PF


Just started developing a new map for PF, called “Beach.”
It’s inspired by Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.

You can check it out right now if you want.

This’ll probably get frequent updates, as I have a lot of passion for this map.


Post screenshots for the folks on mobile


Omg, I love Los Angelas’s Venice Beach, I always like being there in GTA San Andreas and GTA V.


make it into D day



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Here’s some screenshots


can i help?


Honestly I personally prefer to do self projects, as for me it saves a lot of time because I feel having to explain what you want, where you want it, and when you want it can be very tedious, and somewhat a waste of time. Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.


Damn, that looks fucking good


Thanks man, I’m even planning on adding trees, buildings you can enter, sail boats in the distance, and maybe even an underground section for flanking.


Also, commie, I allowed everyone on any device (PC, Console, phone, tablet) to be able to play it, so as long as you have the roblox app you’re good to go.


ok, i can give you shay’s models and stuff idk if it’s out of date



Get rekt bot




I would never put that trash on my phone




flashbacks to watching h3h3 run around with a vr headset


Nah fam there’s still new stuff


Update 0.2 - 7:55 4/5/2018
-Added Big Liquid Storage Containers
-Added a warehouse with a ton of stuff
-Added an ocean man U_U
-Added Sidewalk, trees, car crash, and barrier to slanted road
-Updated diner
-Added rocks to the beach
-Added some easter eggs
-Added Flare Point (inside warehouse)



Quick update (had very little time to do much)
-Added some blue crates to warehouse
-Added other area for control point near diner

Sorry for no screenshots, I didn’t have any time to take them, as I have to go somewhere.