Spot machine broke or a feature?


so i was running around with my ksg on an alt
then on metro i was able to spot every enemy on the map apparently
this also carried out onto warehouse as well
whenever someone spawned it they will be instantly spotted
heres some screenshots

it was much worse cuz that was chat during mid game xd
this was how well i did
edit: the funny thing about this is that right as the round ended craftwarsbest12 used that one kill everyone even your teammates hack
whos the hacker now


This is a new form of exploit being heavily abused, you can read about it partially on this post from the reddit. I assume there’s nothing wrong with just reaping the benefits of someone else using it, but I leave those matches.

It’s pretty hard to tell who’s doing it though, so leaving is your best bet.


does this exploit affect everyone or only the person using the exploit?


Quite literally everyone, luckily if it’s being used against you it’s easy to tell because you’ll be spotted the millisecond you spawn in, and you’ll be able to see all enemies everywhere when you’re on the persons team. Now that I think of it, the easiest way to tell if someone is doing it would be to watch if someone is repeatedly getting 25 points from spot bonuses, but if they know what they’re doing and getting frequent kills, the bonus points from multikills, range, and headshots could throw you off very easily. Report with caution and assume that leaving first is your best bet to avoid the wrath of this exploit.


I remember spotting through walls wasnt an exploit


Unfortunately, it is now. And it’s a massive problem because of how largely it effects matches. You might not even be able to see them getting the spot bonus because they’re somehow capable of spotting before the match has even started.

I have some video evidence of this already, if any staff would like to see it for potential investigation.


Happened to me one round as well. Odd stuff.


You’re welcome to directly DM me any evidence 0f the exploits if you haven’t reported them to the bot. I’m always down to ban these skids! :smiley:


An interesting development to this, a little over a month later. It turns out this exploit is entirely remote and has nothing to do with the player, but the exploit itself is somehow spotting people, even when the player doesn’t spawn in. I grabbed this from a report on one of them where the mod told me the exploiter hadn’t even spawned in yet for a single point earned.