Special event gun: The golden gun

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If you seen the movie the man with the golden gun I don’t need to explain if you don’t…, well watch the videos:

Damage: 105 max - 88 min
Range: 90 max- 210 min
Capacity: 1/40
Recoil: vertical kick mostly but it only has one shot
reload time: 2.6
RPM: 65
Torso multi:1.1x
head multi: 5.0x
Velocity: 2300/s
Pen depth: 6.0 studs
suppression: 10.0
1.only spawns in when someone gets a 14 kills without dying(the location is shown on the mini-map as well until someone picks it up , only 2 can spawn max)
2. using it or having it shows your location on the mini map and that you picked it up(you have 10 seconds before this happens)
3. despawns in 15 seconds if no one gets it from the dead person
4. insta kills to all the body parts up close
5.uses 4.2 millimeter 23 carat gold “dum-dum” bullets(or expanding bullets) so it can’t pick up any ammo from any weapon(except from the second golden gun)
5. has aim choke
6. has very bad hipfire
7. has a very distinctive and loud sound when firing
9.very good range
10.the more kills you get without dying the more EXP you get(EX 5 kills= 35% more exp 15 kills= 70% more exp ETC.)
11. killing a golden user(while using the other golden gun) gives you double the exp


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Yes or no?

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dude thats not called a golden gun thats a Luger


Its different, and the Luger is an actual weapon, and isn’t quite as op as this.


Great suggestion! Love to have this in game, 10/10


I would wonder what the pf youtubers reactions and the reaction from the community would be


Positive, I would think


_Insert people getting triggered because they got one shotted from 200+ studs away by the golden gun and claim that someone is hacking. _


This gun is a single shot pistol and does not have toggle action,but the shape does remind me of the Luger P08


My question is, what will the event be that will integrate this weapon into PF? I like the overall stats for the weapon, btw.


Just… no.
Just… no.
A) More sweat
B) Way too OP
C) Pretty sure this was based off of DOOM II power weapons.
D) Just… no.


There’s the M60


I mean yeah


interesting battle pick up…

an even more interesting way to trigger the spawn. this is epic


I mean yeah


I mean yeah


I mean yeah


I mean yeah


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stop with the quoting madness


sorry for starting the trend