Something I have to say about the Gun Suggestions Megathread


To be honest, it’s useless and messy

Why is it useless

Because all you say is “I want the BFG-50A” without giving any detailed stats. It’s useless. Even more so that the devs themselves don’t read and make the guns.

There’s no use to making a Megathread for suggestion where you create a gun idea that is incredibly detailed, only to be buried in thousands of “I want the Ballista!” That has no stats whatsoever

Sure, it reduces the clutter, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of #phantom-forces:feature-requests ?

It’s meant to have a whole shitton of gun ideas and equipments and what not. And making a Megathread that no one will use is 100% useless.

I works for some other forums, say r/Naval1918 (shameless advertising, go play it, it’s good). Where you just put a warship you want, and the devs decide whether to make it.

They listen, but this is not the case for StyLis. A Megathread only works if Lito stops watching anime and Shay makes the FAL.

And if you notice, the number of gun requests after the creation of the Megathread literally went to zero

I have not seen any new guns in the thread, nor have I seen new gun topics.

Why is it messy

It’s all in one place, yes, but would you be able to find the post where that guy had suggested a M14 in the thousands of replies?

If we just make a different individual topic for the M14, and we then can discuss the stats in detail and easily find the stats if the devs choose to listen and put in/modify the stats

TL;DR: All I’m saying is, abandon the Megathread for more gun suggestions


This is why I absolutely hate megathreads, it kills creativity and has a very little chance of people supporting/responding to your post.

megathreads supports ideas, but doesn’t support people. From what I learned about running a forum, this is exactly what you don’t want. What’s the point of posting when nobody cares about what you say.


This is a quote from me in an argument 15 days ago about megathreads. My opposition never responded back sadly so this was all I got to write down.

[First paragraph skipped for I no longer believe it and for the sake of context]

Your [the opposition’s] argument states that there are threads that are exactly the same as other threads, while that statement is true, that would be fault of the mods. One of their jobs is to take down identical topics that prove as unnecessary compared to the original. If a topic isn’t a discussion but proves to be similar to the ideas of someone before, it gets merged. If it is identical but doesn’t add anything to the original topic, it gets locked. Duplicates aren’t supposed to happen; if it’s not locked or merged, then it’s different enough to be its own thing.

One topic with every single thing in it isn’t organization, that’s chaos. I almost made the mistake myself: I wondered if I should make an everything metro topic. I realized right before pressing the send button that it would be a terrible idea. There are a ton of things about metro you can talk about, and people will talk about them, but then you come across issues. When someone talks about one thing, people are only going to talk about the one thing completely missing the point of being able to talk about anything. Not only that, too many discussions could end up happening all at once. It would be impossible to keep track of what everyone thinks about the fifteen different discussions in two hours. How are you supposed to manage a competition, what you think, what others think, what should be added, what shouldn’t be added, why something exists, why something doesn’t exist, and still be able to tell who got second place.

Megathreads create less discussion than normal threads. Big threads about one thing are almost guaranteed to be missed unless somehow you manage to get everyone on board. People will soon realize there’s no point in sticking with it if there’s nothing guaranteeing them that their topic within a topic will be talked about. Sure it creates a lot of people talking about their own thing, but what’s the point if only one person is going to respond back.


The problem is the amount of effortless gun posts.

"pls add this gun"
Literally the only text, no stat suggestions, no reasoning why it should be brought along, nothing.

If people actually put real effort into their posts like some people do I wouldn’t start megathreads for them.


But then again, you just made it so that no one can actually find anything and replying to them.
It’s just a huge jumbled mess of replies.
And effortless posts can be deleted.
Sorry, but the Gun Megathread is just a huge…
I’d rather not say.

  • Keep the Gun Megathread
  • Purge the Gun Megathread

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The megathread will stay, though I will allow suggestion posts to be posted outside of it if they are put effort in.


Shall that be an unwritten rule?

This can be solved easily, just merge and purge. Yeah sure you may be tired of m&p, but then to keep ideas flowing without the megathread needs commitment

I honestly won’t mind M&P useless gun stats things, if it gets in the way, you can unlist them too