Some weapons suggestion

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Lets start With a new manufacturer . The IMBEL

IMBEL IA2 Carabine (it is a carabine model chambered in 5.56x45 Nato)
IMBEL IA2 (it is a Battle Rifle chambered in 7.62x51 Nato)

The Two are the first rifles 100% manufactured at brazil


Magazine Size - 30+1
damage - No idea…
Reload Speed - a bit slower than most carabines , but it’s damage will be bigger
RPM- 750
Recoil - If i think it will be unbalaced
Firing Modes - Auto and Semi-Auto

Imbel IA2

Magazine Size - 20+1

Damage - Still no idea
Reload Speed - Almost the same of the FAL
RPM- 650
Recoil - No idea kkk
Firing Modes - Auto and Semi-Auto
it´s Size is rather small than the FN FAL the weapon it substitued at Brazillian Army.


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I think carbine guns are supposed to have fast fire rate


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Welcome to the forum! Also 33 damage wouldn’t be bad imo.


cool gun, in given stats makes it feel like a Brazilian FAL


M27 IAR (M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle)
Class - LMG
Cartridge - 5.56 x 45mm NATO
RoF - 850 RPM
Fire Modes - Auto/Semi
Capacity - 40-round mag
Damage - 30-24
Rank - 46
Notes - Because it is based on the HK416, it might have less recoil but also less range and firepower. It would basically be a direct rival to the SCAR HAMR. (The SCAR lost the IAR competition to the M27.)
P.S. - Please lower the rank of the SCAR HAMR. You should reverse its rank with the RPK’s.


Remington 700 CP

image.jpg1200x492 96.9 KB

Desc: It’s a handgun version of the Remington 700 PCR, itself a modernized Remington 700.

Damage: 70-50
Rate of Fire: 45 RPM
Cartridge: .308 Winchester
Fire Mode: Manual
Class: Other
Rank: 57



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