Some Suggestions to Improve PF


PF is, as we all know, a great FPS game, the best on roblox. But it has so many flaws at the moment, and I’m going to address all the flaws I can think of.

Bad Ping

As we all know, ping is very frustrating. Players with shitty wifi appear to teleport all over the place, and can kill you seconds after you’re in cover or after they died.

A way to fix this would be to create a script that automatically kicks a player from the server if their ping is too high to be acceptable. It doesn’t instantly kick them, as ping can change a lot very randomly. So their ping has to be over the limit for at least 2 minutes for the auto-kick to initiate. This could prevent a lot of rage-inducing circumstances.

KOTH - Dunes

As we all know, the latest map, Dunes, is very fun to play on, unless it’s KOTH, and the enemy team has an extreme advantage. The hill is absolute HELL to push to. There can be a large amount of players there, all in different spots, making it near impossible to kill them all. There’s also several different areas in the collapsed area where people can have near complete cover from you, but at the same time, they can shoot you very easily, and you most likely have no chance of survival. The best way to fix this extreme disadvantage for one team is to remove most of those spots, giving less cover for campers. This could easily fix the balancing issues for this map.

Knives Killing You From Distances

I bet 1M dollars everybody here has been knifed by a small melee weapon (Karambit, trench mace) from over 5 - 10 studs, where it should be impossible to be hit by one. Find some way to script knives where they can no longer kill people from bullshit ranges.

Fly Glitchers (Optional)

The infamous fly glitchers, those guys who go prone on each other and slowly float into the sky, sniping you from hundreds of studs away. It would be okay to fix this glitch, but considering how slow they move, it isn’t needed. As soon as you know their position, you can simply equip a sniper and shoot them down.

Now, you may be thinking, “why did you include this part if you say it’s not that bad you dumbass?”. I included this because, even though it doesn’t annoy me, this can be agitating for other, lower ranked players who aren’t that good at sniping and aren’t aware of bullet drop. So, if it increases their enjoyment of the game, so they can stay longer, then it should be removed.

Hit Detection

I’ve been in situations where I’m in point blank range of an enemy, and because I have a gun with a long barrel, the barrel goes behind that player, and I end up not killing the target, and yet they kill me with a long barreled gun (most likely because of ping). If you could include a script that makes guns act as Can-collide bricks when making contact with another player, this could fix a lot of triggering situations.

All Guns Unlocked by Default - Test Place

What’s the point of a “test place” if you can’t test everything in the place? The test place does have the new In-Dev weapons unlocked by default, but it isn’t enough. What if some people want to find out which guns will go good with these new weapons? Hell, I don’t know why you did this but, when the DBV-12, was released on the test place, it wasn’t even unlocked by default! It was unlocked at rank 24, which is stupid! They wipe everybody’s data anyway, so I didn’t have the rank to have it already. I didn’t even get to try it because I have no robux, so I couldn’t buy the credits to get it early. If you’re going to consider making a new weapon and putting it in your test place, at least let everybody have access to it, so you can get everybody’s thoughts on it. Anyway, just make the Test Place like the beloved and tragically closed CTE. God I miss that.

AK Sound Effects

Remember the AK sound effects from before the 4th of July? And even the sounds right after it, they were both great. But now, eugh, what is that sound? It’s…weird, and makes the AK family sound and feel weak. Just, bring back the sounds from July 4th, and if you don’t do that, at least replace the current sound with sounds from reality. At least that way you can bring back the coolness of the AK family.

Spawn Flinging - nan

I know, you’re still working on it, but maybe a bit faster? I’m sick of my KDR of a round getting ruined because I slid and vaulted over something at the same time, and repeatedly getting launched and killed by gravity at “nan” studs.
RobloxScreenShot20171226_171837581 - Copy
Once you’re finished with the next big update, just stop and try to figure out this glitch, and get rid of it forever.

These are all the suggestions I can currently think of, and if I come up with some new ones, I’ll update this post as soon as possible.


The melee problem isnt true at all
You see

Actually , the Players who knifed was within their knife ranges.
But then the server thinks that it’s from 10+ studs away due to internet problems

Well I agree with the rest of them as well


No, not like that. What I meant was when the kill screen pops up, the knifer is much farther away from your corpse.


I still like the AK sounds, but what sounds need change?

  • SCAR SSR (Sounds weak)
  • Hecate II (Uses sounds from BFG and R700)


Honestly you forgot how unrealistic and easy melee is. It should be a last choice but, look at tench mace’s stats. You move fast, and melee quickly, and does 80 DAMAGE?


Melee is a broken mechanic in general. It has advantages over guns. Why is it that it’s like this!? You move faster, never run out of ammo and can swing while running.


barrier shots

And unlocking all guns in test place is unnecessary. It’s there to test the new guns, not guns they haven’t unlocked yet. That would ruin the point of test place


I cannot play PF anymore?



Don’t you hate it when your internet slows down slightly and you get kicked instantly without question?


Uh, you do realize I said the ping has to be at an unacceptable number for at least 2 minutes before the kick?


Nope, and I won’t.

I just found the idea of it amusing


the test place is supposed to be used to test new things being added, not anything you want


Let’s debunk this

So what is this “too high” ping? Every country, network provider, etc provides different pings.

Say we have two countries called Greater Kekistan and The Pleblands, most IPs in Kekistan has an average ping of 500, which Plebland is 800

Now say PF kicks people with a constant 700 ping over 2 minutes, that’ll be unfair for Pleblanders since they cant play PF, but Kekistanis can.

Sure “The Pleblands can upgrade the internet” but they are broke country, so how?

If someone has bad ping, just deal with it.

In my experience I dont find it difficult to push in Dunes in KOTH. Also by luck i seem to only be able to play FD and TDM on this map





How about an option to switch between pre-July sounds and post-July sounds

Needs to be fixed, blame ROBLOX


what in tarnation?


Who tf is on the right his face looks like hell i mean flowers


That’s Matthias my friend.


I get 300 ping at lowest when playing at American or EU servers. Sometimes 400 ~ 500.