Some pf Suggestions

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henlo i am french fried potato strips
i am back again with a suggestion



  • I think that nicknames could be a good upcoming feature for PF
    (btw l_uq is just my alt acc my main is DFGfokke)

would you like this feature

  • YOS!
  • nah

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better kill counters

  • i’d like to see this coming too

these things will pop up when the following happens

Kill! image

2in1! image

Triple collat:
3in1! image

Quad collat:
4in1! image

multi collat:
5in1! image

5 Multi kill:
5x Kill image

quad kill:
4x Kill image

10 Multi kill:
10x Kill! image


Would you want this in pf too?

  • YOS!!
  • Nah

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  • customizable Holographic/red dots
    Custom Color (all sights):
    Crosshair shape (eotechs, kobra, PSO1 and acog only):

Would you like this to come in pf too?

  • YOSSS!!!
  • nope

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that is all for now k bye




This isnt bad ideas but then there will be a problem of people tryin to be mods and stuff for the first 1.
the 2nd one is just not for me. but maybe if it was an option it would be a good idea, like you can turn it on in the settings

  1. Whats the point of nicknames? who does it help? whats wrong with a username? Why would I do it?

  2. I always liked this idea, but the pictures here are really bad, I’d like something a lot better.

  3. The devs said they’d like to do this, but many technical reasons limited this and said it would create lag. I don’t remember what mod mail room it was, but I remember them talking about it.


I would like number 3 on all red dot sights, and maybe a few more.
Also, aperture sights, pistols have 'em, why cant primarys?


Well, of you think about it, you’ll thank the devs later cus these 8 bit graphics are simple and clean, and judging by the size, I bet this won’t clog the screen too much


They also said they won’t implement skins because of reasons.

Surprise, surprise.


Yes they did, but you seem to forget the period where they lagged the crap out of the game, they had to add an option to turn off skins soon after to help with lag.
They made hot fixes to help but they didn’t do too much.
It wasn’t until the CTE when Roblox released updates that helped, as well as a fix by the CTE devs that made skins lag a looooooot less.
And the CTE took quite a long time to get added to the main game.


a) Trading.
b) Fixed bugs, such as the snipers scope zoom in, where you just see a zoomed-in, blacked out scope.
c) Ability to select which parts of a gun you’d like to apply your skins to; something like the current 1858 Army Revolver customization skin. Either that or more applicable slots.
d) More grenades. Definitely. This is what the test place is for, devs.


But skins are still in, no?
I’m not saying that won’t happen with the colored sights, if not worse.
But if they could eventually add skins that worked, they can eventually add colored sights.

It would be something local and easily turned off. It would be a small but likeable feature.


for D
They did add smokes and flashes in the OG CTE but they removed it because it was laggy or something…


Yea, I remember that. That’s why I suggested it. They could definitely find a way to implement them.


This is a post that didn’t get too much attention, but I think its a good compromise, and I really like this idea.


I agree, and I have no doubts about custom reticles coming, and I’d love to have them, i just don’t want another skins situation.


these aren’t real polls, I can’t vote fn fal


pleas god no.

  1. leaderboards would be messy
  2. good enough
  3. not a thing IRL


bot pls


Yea, I don’t either. Maybe they could learn from their skin situation and make the custom sights a smoother transition.


Nicknames seem like pointless effort to me, maybe for staff, but even then there is the Esc menu with all player usernames, that we can’t change.

As for the kill counter, that is actually a pretty good idea