So the AWS Isn't a Sniper?


I just found this video and apparently the AWS is BF4 is a fucking LMG???

looks more like an MG36 to be honest.


That’s a different AWS, that’s the Ares Shrike AWS (Advanced Weapon System). It’s based on the AR-15 platform.


The AWS in-game is an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Suppressed.


Then why the hell isn’t it AIAWS?


Because the devs don’t have the manufacturer of the gun.


if you think names from bf4 = the same from pf
then idk what where you born with


dat AWS =/= AWS in game
dat AWS: Ares strike.
game AWS: Artic Warfare Supressed


we do need another belt fed lmg tho


We’re getting 3. MG42, MG-3 KWS, and the Hk21.


really? how come i never hear about this


It’s not been publicly announced. @shaylan007’s “guns for pf” place has these 3 guns, and a good amount more.


he is just modeling them no confirmation tho …


The PGM Hecate II was in the game before it was added, same with the Stevens DB, and the sawed off.


Technically it is added to the game if it’s already in it.


It was in Shaylan’s game before the actual CTE or real game.