So, I'm all over Discourse


I didn’t know I’ll be everywhere…

I mean, let’s start from the beginning…

Hopscotch Forum

That’s where I started, I used to do “coding”, but I lost interest in a long ago.

Even if I did not lose interest, my iPad’s LogicBoard can conduct electricity anymore. In a sense, it’s brain dead, so rip…
Now I look back at myself, I feel cringey…

I was one of the first few users of the Discourse, and eventually it began to grow. Grow to a point, where I didn’t like the direction the Developers where taking.

Their UI became unusable, and it lagged like hell. So I gave up, and eventually left, and came back, and left, and came back, and now I shall leave for good…

StyLis Studios

Then, PF can into my life. And I was searching for random stuff in StyLis’ Twitter page, when a website caught my eye…

Then, it came to be me. Again, I, we, we made this community grow. When I was a newbie, the forum, well, dead…

Then it grew, we have the Purge Lord, @himtim that we all know and love.

It died, and grew, saltier…

Can we go back to the time we all enjoyed? It’s not the same now…

Infinite Flight Community

Same story as SS, but this time, its time for aviation…

btw i created my Captain Garfield literally last night, so I’m still basic…

Time for a new life…




You should have a Vet tag on discourse


Click this if you are a human V
Click me


im not human after clicking that





So, is this gonna turn into one of those cringy draw my life thing?


hmm, good that i didnt have my headphones on (but still heard the screaming?-ish sound)


The cringyer, the better…

Except for Dragod, that’s not cringe, he’s cancer…


Come to the discord and Ill tell yo uwhat I posted in his vids.


I right clicked it, get rekd.


which one is worse?
Kazok or Dragod?


Lets see:
Typical Kazok vids: OMG Guys, John Doe hacked mai acc in prison life!!!
Typical Dragod vid: Way that you can get millions of robux free in no time: Like, subcribe to me and Ill send you free robux!!!
Both are cancer.


@CoolSlate27 @Snip4life GBOT


Yeah, agreed. What happened to the big new user blow up right before I had to go though? I know before we were getting new people every day almost, the community had a great sense of humor (aside from you know you), there was always room for someone else opinion, or a meme, and we got to see @toothless become promoted!

So, for those who knew this as it was, why not bring it back? As I think of it, there is always room for improvement. I mean, the game is still huge on roblox so all we need to do is get this web site out there!


But m8, we have been trying to get the site out: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, etc…
The problem is that ppl are skeptical.
Also, I think that the site is still quite popular.


BELIEVE IT OR NOT, i don’t like discourse anymore.


y not ;-; pls dont leave us nuuuu


is it because there is not enough dragon memes