Snipers from Best to Worst


IMO of course:

  1. Mosin Nagant

The mosin is just an extremely good aggressive sniper rifle for even playing the objective. Fits my play style, and ya gotta go fast.

  1. L115A3.

The only reason I don’t use this is because it doesn’t use stripper clips like a badass. Magazines are for scrubs.

  1. R700

L115A3 lower unlock rank, and more Murican’. Pretty close with the two.

  1. AWS

God awful bullet drop + Speed, but man is it an amazing aggressive sniper rifle.

  1. Intervention

Good for a Rank 0 unlock, but clunky to use.

  1. Obrez.

Having used it in the test place… Well, I kinda like it? Run it like a sniper rifle and have a PDW as your secondary.

  1. SFG 50.

Only because you must go with the RNG.

  1. BFG 50

Dear god, I shall never use this… gun. I would use it if it had a mobility buff, like how light it is in real life. Still somewhat scummy to use. I only use it to piss off my friends. Was the warpig of half of the overpowered weapons complaints, but I think that it mostly died down over the year.

  1. Hecate II

Wait, scratch what I said previously, I’ll use the BFG 50 any day over this monstrosity of an armament. I’m almost speechless. Stylis studios has managed to make the new warpig for half of the overpowered weapons complaints. And I thought the M60 and BFG were bad.


Yep, It’s a bad gun


This is my list now


Okay Just so you all know, I’m just gonna do this, so just bare with me, just cause this is just gonna be spicy and just straight up a hard hit on the Hecate-II. (Also imagine all this in the Nostalgia Critics voice)

9 Hellchit shit mark II

By far the absolute WORST sniper rifle I have seen EVER in my life. Hell, if I was using the AWS with it’s stroke-causing hipfire, and Syn was using the Hellchit shit mark II, I could no scope him a 1v1 if I was playing at my best. Fucking hell, this is the most disgraceful sniper I’ve ever seen or used. Damn the best thing I can say about this clusterfuck of ricegum is it’s design is very nice. THAT’S ALL, IT LOOKS GOOD, THAT’S THE ONLY GOOD THING I REALLY CAN SAY ABOUT IT WITHOUT LYING TO YOU ALL

I rate this piece of shit a 1/10. You’d literally need aimbot to get a damn multi kill with this piece of SHIAT

IT’S SO BAD THAT IT’S WORSE THAN…er…well…almost worse than that “Foodfight” movie Nostalgia Critic did a video on a while back. If I had one thing I could tell the devs to do and they would listen, it would be
delet this



More like HellShit


i have used the intervention since early beta, im used to its slowness while agressive sniping, it fits my style very well. this gun in my hands could out snipe the mosin and r700 users





Best to worst, for me:

1.) M700
2.) M200 (Intervention)
3.) Hecate II
4.) L115A3
5.) AWS
6.) M91 Mosin Nagant
7.) BFG


But any gun that uses stripper clips, uses a magazine. So almost every gun is a skrub gun, chargers or not. (Chargers is another term for stripper clips.)





Don’t you mean R700?


No, M700. Short for Model 700. Short for Remington Model 700.


I just don’t like Mosin Nagants in general.


How could you! The moist nugget is a legend! Fast firing, very mobile, great bullet drop, it’s the sniper of a lifetime!


It’s more for reasons of real life, in game it’s decent. My biggest issue is the fact it doesn’t have great wounding ability compared to the others, and lacks a long range optic.


hecate should be hellcat instead
hellcat mk2


Ive used a BFG50 on the test place on Crane Site and i was sniping people out of the crane… then i got a headshot on a guy… but he lived and killed me with an R700


aws has a lot of bullet drop. what are you even talking about.


Not for me. I don’t know why people say it’s bad, its better than a l115a3 supressed. (I think) Not only that it has bullet drop big whoop, you can always compensate for it.