Snipers from Best to Worst


Get our you fake sema


This is, HOW? Intervention is pretty mediocre. Even AWS is better than the intervention.


Because I keep seeing these lists that makes me triggered, heres my list.
#8. BFG 50
its a good meme gun. but its pretty useless
#7. SFG 50
its better than the BFG, its much faster. Only problem is RNG.
#6. Intervention
Its the starter sniper, its not the best at all.
#5. Remington 870
(with slugs) Its pretty good for close range & long range.
#4. Remington 700
A straight upgrade to the intervention
#3. Mosin Nagant
A very fast gun, its strong, and weak. It aims fast. But without a normal scope its not the best.
#2 - 1. AWS
Basically the L115A3, supressed, and a bit more bullet drop. It’s my favorite.
#1 - 2. L115A3
Very fast, Aiming is instantaneous, and it even has a sniper scope.


It doesn’t need a scope.
It has base acog magnification with Irons…
And Soviet Stronk BIAS


Strafing is a pain though then.


Well, its your opinion
some people are best with a certain sniper rifle (ex. Andypachu, intervention #1)


Often they don’t want to challenge themselves tho.


i doubt that


The intervention is bad in your opinion, but that does not take away the fact that it’s my favourite gun on pf


sema doesnt own the gif does he?


Fuck, now we have to factor this into this crap list:


Can you spell m8? Also I got to this first he copied me.




Its not BAD, its just not the best. I have to admit it is a really good gun.

  1. Remington 700
  2. Intervention
  3. L115A3
  4. Mosin
  5. BFG
  6. Obrez
  7. SFG


Aws is so bad it didn’t even show up on the list


The AWS isn’t that bad. At least you can be a sneaky sneaky snake


Why I use the AWS


Dude, just put a suppressor on the L11, it’s much better.


@Snip4life list of sniper rifles from worst to best:
1.SFG: -As mentioned above, the SFG is horrible, but why do you see me using it so much? -Because coupled with BFG and you can OHK quick Scope all day!
2.BFG-50: -This gun, statistically speaking, is the worst non-sawed-off sniper rifle. Slow reload time, 1 shot reload, low mobility, slow ads time, not really a ohk weapon at long range unless your target is below 95 heath, plus, OHK is easily achievable with any sniper rifle if you hit heads, thus, for all the reason stated, BFG suck shit.
3.Obrez: -While I havent officially unlocked it yet, Ive spent most of my time in the Old Test Place testing it, and it turned out to be a great secondary sniper rifle, if used correctly, this gun wreak havoc.
4.AWS: - As much as I like to put it higher, its suppressed status can be achieved by putting the default supperssor on the Rem700, and while it has some other benefits, The number 4 spot is for the AWS.
5.L115A3: -I would probably get hate for putting the L115A3 here, but welp. Yes, it is a powerful sniper rifle, but to be honest here, it feels identical to the Intervention, which is the default weapon for the recon class, which makes the L115A3 somewhat redundant.
6.Intervention: -This gun hits hard, has a nice ammo capacity, decent mobility, and relatively easy to master drop. Focusing on traditional method of defensive sniping,this gun is the perfect learning tool for a new recon, So I put it at number 6.
7. Remington 700: - Fast ADS, OHK head, even when equipped with the default suppessor, low unlock rank, high mobility, high rate of fire, decent mag size. This gun has no cons at all, its not as high dmg as Intervention is not an issue since it OHK head. This is a weapon for an aggresive sniper, like me. This is my all time favorite, thumbs up for Remington 700!
8.Mosin Nagant: Best for aggresive sniping. There is nodoubt that the Mosin holds the best spot. With high Rate of Fire, fast ADS time, OHK head, easy to master drop, and decent mag size, this gun is a beast. It is so ridiculously under-rated that I see no one use it until I started getting kills with my Mosin. If you dont have this gun yet, grind for it, because trust me, it is worth the effort!