Snipers from Best to Worst


This post is for people who are finding it hard to decide which sniper is best. Here I’ll be ranking them from best to worst, I will also give my rating from a scale of 0 to 10.

#8 Obrez
The obrez is a solid sniper pistol as it’s a one shot headshot, and two shot body shot. The only reason I class this as the worst sniper is because of it’s bullet drop. People were talking about the obrez getting a nerf and I assume it’s nerf is this bullet drop. It’s almost necessary to put ballistics tracker on this (which is what I did) to get longer ranged kills. At close range it’s actually really good, but from long range it loses it’s power.

I’ll rank this gun 3/10

#7 SFG 50
Yes, this memey fake gun takes the #7 spot. It’s basically a sawed off BFG 50, same damage, same range, and tinier. The only reason it’s so low on the list is because it’s only accurate on it’s laser, and this can make it harder to account for bullet drop. It’s also unlocked LATER than the BFG 50 despite it being worse, so there’s no point is buying it if you already have the BFG 50.

I’m ranking this 4/10

#6 AWS
Basically an L115A3 with a suppressor by default, it has really bad bullet drop. Of course, for balancing issues, suppressors have to be more unrealistic, as in videogames suppressors increase bullet drop instead of decreasing it. Not to mention, it’s hipfire accuracy with default iron sights is so horrid you’ll have a stroke just by looking at it. Luckily, PM II is unlocked by default, and when added, it increases hip accuracy by a decent amount. Besides these cons, the AWS is a decent, and fast firing gun.

I give this gun a rating of 6/10

#5 Intervention
For a gun unlocked at rank 0, it’s very good with a mag size of 7+1, good range, and overall great damage. The only cons I have for this gun is the firerate and the reload speed. The intervention only fires at 40 rounds a minute, and takes about 3 seconds to reload. Other than these, it’s a really solid sniper.

I’ll give this a solid 7/10

#4 BFG 50
Being the juggernaut of the sniper family, the BFG 50 is definitely a powerful weapon. With 100 damage maximum dropping off to 95 minimum, the BFG is a one shot almost all the time. It has very minimum bullet drop, making it amazing at long range. It’s only nerf is mag size, or, as I should say, chamber size. The BFG 50 has it’s rounds fed through a chamber, and after every shot you must reload. If you miss an enemy about to fire on you, you’ll either hope you can run away and duck into cover fast enough or the enemy doesn’t have a direct shot on you.

I’ll rate this gun a good 8/10

#3 Remington 700
Once again, very good for it’s rank unlocked, the Remington 700 beats the Intervention simply because of higher firerate, and only 1 round less in the magazine. This gun doesn’t really have a con, other than it’s damamamamage being a bit worse than the Intervention’s.

This gun get’s a good rating of 8/10

#2 L115A3
Basically the AWS’ bigger, better brother. With no suppressor, this gun has much better bullet drop, and more damage. This gun is amazing because it can also be used as a CQC battle rifle, a medium ranged high-powered DMR, or, of course, a sniper. This gun in my opinion has no cons, and is truly a jack of all trades.

This gun get’s a great 9/10 rating.

#1 Mosin Nagant
The fastest firing sniper in the game, the Moist Nugget takes the #1 spot. This gun has an RPM of 55 and has about the same bullet drop as the BFG 50, making the Mosin outrank the gun by a landslide. The only thing that makes this gun balanced is that it has a very low damage output of 60 - 50. It’s still a 1 shot headshot but, even in close range, cannot one shot chest shot an enemy at full health. But, the high firerate and clip size of 5 rounds makes up for this. Other than that, this gun is absolutely amazing and a definite must-use.


The BFG is literally useless, hell even the obrez can be better than the BFG. Also AWS is way better than the intervention, its a supressed gun, with barely any bullet drop.


You’ve pretty much summed up how I feel about all the snipers.


intervention > rem700 B)


My rating (1 being worst 8 being best)

  1. AWS
  2. Obrez
  3. SFG
  4. BFG
  5. Intervention
  6. L115A3
  7. Remington 700
  8. Mosin Nagant


AWS is worst

I see you’re a man of sensibility as well


Great post. I would be down for reading more of these for the different weapon categories (there are other threads but they don’t usually have the same level of description, just a simple list).

I will admit to buying the Mosin at about level 50 after having a great time picking someone else’s up and haven’t looked back since. The BFG felt so damn clunky afterwards.


Well, you’re in luck, because I’ll be doing all the weapon categories, and once new weapons are added I’ll make a new topic for that category rearranging some weapons, and leaving some the same


My ratings are a little different
8. SFG50
7. BFG50
6. AWS
5. Obrez
4. Remington 700
3. Intervention
2. Mosin Nagant

  1. L115A3


Oh god
Assault rifles will be really long


i find the L115A3 the best, since it can 1 shot kill in close ranges (That can save your life sometimes), and have a default - ish scope (instantly unlocked)


But… Obrez is awesome :frowning:


Worst to best imo
R700 (sorry, but your obsolete after the L11 was added, used to be my favorite tho)
L115A3 (plz no hurt)
AWS (sneaky)
Moist Nugget


BFG is great

Highest raw damage

But hindered by reload, ammo capacity and heavy weight


So can the intervention, and the remington, and the AWS, and BFG, and the SFG





I agree that the BFG is kinda cancerous

But its damage is meant for newbie snipers who can’t get headshots

Once they learn,

They can switch to the intervention/r700


Disgrace to Soviet Russia

Use the Mosin


My rating:


It is ok… but the suppressor on this makes it a clusterfuck with low damage.

SFG 50

the sfg became a meme, but it is a clusterfuck, #4 is the best sec sniper

BFG 50

Fuck oneshot guns, this aint even fun, it is messed up af.


It’s ok, i guess…


this is pretty good, it takes skill, but it is the perfect sec gun.


This gun has a low stability, but i like it, i like its playstyle and stats


This gun is so good, mobility, reload sp., and rof in one, i love it!


This is the perfect sniper rifle

  • it has a low rof and long reload speed, but it is so effective
  • it has intense damage, optimal stability and accuracy, and so few bullet drop
  • it is very good in long, medium and - with some practice - close range
  • it also is amazing for instaswaps with both pistols and melees

This is without a doubt my favourite gun on phantom forces


Yay Intervention is No.1