Skins show-off megathread



Also, what color does the main part of the Osprey Suppressor use? If not the color then what RGB code, because I want to have the Osprey actually look like it’s a part of the gun.


Blue print


Electric Demise (nickname)
A common from Tech Case. A touch of neon


You could do a Black/ Dark Grey Color Code using an Ice or Granite Texture
Osprey is mainly black, with a lighter gray showing text and and I think a single stripe


Le Bleu


Idk why but this gun reminds me of the Israeli FAL




I challenge one of you guys to use the tech case and make a better looking gun than my mc51sd




cheese whiz and crackers


Which is better

  • Better than Divine’s
  • This is better
  • Both sucks ass

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no u


AN-94 vs FAL



Nice. You found the skin. Like that took any effort.


FAL clearly won that one.





Really technism that is awesome