Skins show-off megathread


I like the G3 because it’s a lower rank gun and pretty fun (I spent robux on the FAL50.000 and I don’t regret it) bur still G3 is nice


some ok rollz


.>mfw darkman confused a G3 for an FAL


It needs more pearl…


This is my super swedish FAMAS skin (The gun i use the most right now, but i only just got it today so i have 450 kills)



neon skins done right


No. Neon will outshine all other skins!


Yeah, but don’t nake it look like a goddamn visual tumor for fucks sake.


I call these the Glacier Set

Also, my definition of “set” is where I put the same skins on a few guns and maybe differ them from eachother, but it’s pretty much buying a skin pack for guns… same skin, different guns. Or maybe a universal skin like from R6S.



That Intervention looks amazing, what skins did you use?


Plague Bringer, a new Common skin from the Tech Case


Jeez, even the name of the skin sounds sick.


Imo, its probably the best skin in the case, and its a common


Did you use it for both skinzones?


Yea, skin zone 1 at no change to studs, the other is maxed out in scale (5)


Now I wonder if I can replicate that with splint on my M1911…


Phantom and Ghost Morale



Fuck yeah