Skins show-off megathread


This is the only one I have on my phone.






Oof I forgot but I think it’s from the space case since you know




I love how good that wood finish is.

Wood reviewer would be proud


“Serventinium Oxygurenatium”

Here’s the pronunciation folks.

“Serve-in-ten-e-um Oxi-ger-ren-at-e-um”


Happy Krissgiving everybody!!! I saved this competition to today because why not? Krissgiving? It’s the best day to do this!

Note: Please give your camos a name, as it makes things overall easier for me to judge your camos. And besides, it’s better if you give yours a cool name yourself anyway.

My judgements are in!

1st place goes to Mr404error’s Geothermal Heat Packer
Truly amazing how well you did on this camo! Good job mate!

2nd place goes to TP_ONE’s Chemical Splatters
Once again, amazingly done! It looks just like some chemical splatter fell on this gun!

3rd place goes to A_WildMan’s Radioactive Silence
Very interesting camo, it does look like some sort of strange substance but, it looks like you didn’t really mess with studsperlev and studsperliv. Editing those can really make the camo look a lot better. Never the less though, you made it in the winners spot pal!

Anyway, since today is Krissgiving, I might aswell set the genre to Krissgiving so…

Today’s Theme: Krissgiving

Make something that has the Krissgiving colors, or make something that looks like it belongs on a Krissgiving Table.


Do halloween skins work?
Edit: If they do then… here we go


Annihilator of Turkeys

Nightmarish Pumpkins

Autumn Serenity


Holy shit, I actually have a name for one of my Skins!
And I was also running at 2 FPS while trying to take this pic… So yeah.
M16A4: Pumpkin Splatter


Meat Shot

A gun that tastes so good, every close range kill will make even the worst of your enemies admire your butchering skills.


but but… what happened to my story?



ooo shiny



Your skin was just green sauce with sprinkles, the story was just the cold plate to what should have been a main dish.


great imagination, son


Ur gonna get banned :b: oi


Wrapper Blaster

Plasma Dragon

Xephor Cannon

Silk Slugger


“Badass Girlfriend”

“Warped Snow”

“Violent Violet”

“Miami Blue”
“Toxic Terraform”
(The first one is on 4 graphics and the other is on 10, I couldn’t decide which one looked better so I just posted both of em lmao. I think I like it on 4 graphics more though, because it glows brighter.)