Skins show-off megathread


The spetsnaz Camo doesn’t ring a bell to me. Perhaps you mean the Red Camo?


Its called spetsnaz.


I’m on crack then.


Wait in MW3 It mught be called something different, in pf it is called spetsnaz .


Yeah that’s what I was confused on. I’m pretty sure it was simply called Red.


And uhhh

Which I call it, UMP purple dust

It’s supposed to have a redstone like color, but ehh the texture is messed up, so I decided to go for purple



Slot 1 : None
Slot 2 : Splint

  • Brick Colour ~ Bronze
  • Material ~ Granite


Some Tron inspiration


+1 point for putting it on HECC ate

-1 point for not putting on muh boi the FAL

Congratulations you have 0 points!


I’ve never felt so accomplished


Petition for Chosen One’s skin slot to affect the saber itself. I want my purple motherfucking lightsaber god damnit.

Actually… I’m gonna make a thread.


Yes please.

Even though I never use it.


Can I have a honest opinion on this new Knife skin that I unlocked a few minutes ago?

Case: Glaciate Case
Skin: Frozen Yogurt*
Rarity: Very Rare
Customizable: Yes


neon no no for me


change the material to Granite and you’ll thank me later


Then my ritual of Green Neon + Black/Dark Green Fabric everything is broken.


Welcome to Kris’ Black Gold series

Black Gold MG3KWS

Black Gold Stevens DB

Black Gold Henry 45-90

Black Gold Sawed Off DB

Black Gold MP40

Black Gold AN94

Black Gold PPSH-41

Black Gold AS VAL

Black Gold VSS Vintorez

Which do you think is the best?

  • MG3KWS
  • Stevens DB
  • Henry 45-90
  • Sawed Off DB
  • MP40
  • AN94
  • PPSH-41
  • AS VAL
  • VSS Vintorez

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Where am I




new and improved ?