Skins idea


Hey guys!

Ever imagined a moving picture on your gun?
Hear out my idea!

Add a GIF skin to guns

It can be anything, from a robloxian doing a dance or the gun changes colour from time to time!

Case name:
Moving pictures
Cost: 1050 credits


Disadvantages:major lag and might possibly destroy your PC


Hmmm, cool idea, but i don’t see this ever becoming a thing on pf.




Please don’t murder me for tagging you in here, but this is a nice idea that you should’ve thought of years ago.

if i never come back up, assume that mar has killed me.


As cool as this sounds, I don’t see this happening in PF.


Heyyyyyy, that’s pretty good.


Is it even possible? I can’t really see this in PF. Cool idea, kinda reminds me of my terrible days of Black Ops 3, but I doubt this can get on PF.


One problem… too much lag


There’s no point in killing you since you are already dead


yes, if you wanna see more


happening in dat fuking chat