Skate 3- A Review


Skate 3: When I think of that game, the fist thing that comes to mind is the amount of dumb fun it is. Yes, it’s an EA game, but it’s actually good. Really good. Really fucking good. Despite being released in 2010, I still consider the gameplay to have aged pretty well. Anyways, let’s get into it.


Skate 3 is the third game in the Skate series, released way back in 2010 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The game is a Platinum Hit on the 360, meaning this game was quite popular. Even after being out for almost 8 years, there are still people who play and enjoy this game. And I consider myself to be one of those. The large map, the amount of trucks that can be pulled off, and the wacky ass physics all bundled up make this game highly addictive for many.


In terms of a lore, there isn’t much to work with, which shows just how open world it is. I would go as far as to say it’s a sandbox skating game, given that you can place down props in the world. The story is, you’re a skater who arrives in the Skate 3 equivalent of San Francisco, Port Carverton, trying to make it big in the skating world. That’s basically it. The game allows you to do specific events or missions that will increase the amount of your brand’s sales in boards, which shows that the goal is to make your brand become big. The game doesn’t force you to do these, and allows you to do your own thing. It will nag at you to do some stuff, but other than that, the game won’t bother you too much with missions. That combined with the large map allows for a very sandbox game feel.


With any open world game, one important feature is the size of the map, and whether or not you can access the entire map from the start. Skate 3 has quite a large map, with all places unlocked from the start, so you won’t be unlocking different parts. There are 3 districts in Port Carverton. The University District, the Downtown District, and the Industrial District. These 3 sections are fairly large in size, which make for an overall pretty large map.


The game allows you to create a custom character and brand for maximum creative freedom. There is a fairly varied amount of clothing, all of which are real brands (I think we all smell a strong smell of sponsorship coming). Being a skateboard game, you can also customize your board. Not just the deck (the part you stand on), but also the trucks (parts that hold the wheels) and wheels. This allows for a fairly large variation of customization within the game.


With any game having realistic elements within it,physics are an important part. For the most part, the physics are quite average, but they can get wacky at times, such as being able to walk up a ramp that’s sloped at 90°. The physics aren’t perfect but the wackiness and realisticness allow for some of the coolest physics you may ever experience.


One word: Perfection. Skate 3 sets the bar for skateboarding gameplay. It feels realistic, smooth throughout, and very easy to pull off. The controls are butter smooth, and combined with the crazy physics, you could pull of some really cool tricks. Whenever I play another skateboarding game, I will always use Skate 3 to determine how good the tricks and such feel and how they can be pulled off. Skate 3 allows you to do everything, from grinds, to flip tricks, to ramp tricks, and they have some tricks that can be customizable. What I mean by this is that you can combine two tricks to make a new one. For example, I could do a Method with a frontflip when I’m getting big air time, to allow for a really sweet trick. Depending on how well the trick is, you can earn a multiplier that goes from 1.5x, 2x, and 3x. Landing a 3x trick will make this really cool pulse sound that lets you know you just pulled of something badass. This combined with the environment allows you o do some of the sweetest trick combinations the game can offer.

Here are some clips of me in-game pulling off some crazy tricks


With any game,there is a soundtrack, which is amazing. It combines some rock n roll, with a little bit of reggae, a bit of hip hop and some calming songs. All the songs are real, and the game allows you to skip through to hear your favorite song, which I absolutely love, because I can put on some badass jams when I want to pull off a sick trick run.


One thing that isn’t too much of an impact, but that must be addressed is the sponsorships. There are way too many sponsorships within the game that it kinda feels forced. Maybe it was done to have enough money for all the songs in the game, or maybe the amount of stuff that was added was a bit expensive, or maybe it was just the fact that it was EA. I don’t know, but I feel it kinda ruins the game a bit.

Replay Value

Well, it’s simple. It’s really high. You can finish everything the story has to offer, but you will never be able to conquer everything the game has. There’s multiplayer, and the fact that the games basically a sandbox makes the game highly replayable, so yes, the game is very replayable


In conclusion, this game was very popular, it’s aged well in terms of gameplay, and it shows. I would highly recommend that you check this game out or play it, because its just dumb fun to play, and it’s very addictive. I would give this game a 9.5/10 for the gameplay, the physics, and the other things that make this game great. It may be a fairly old game, but don’t let the age of it stop you from playing it. I’ve said it too many times at this point, but this game to me is the true definition of dumb fun.

Note: The last time I did a review, people voted for Half-Life, although I haven’t finished it, so that review’s gonna have to wait.

What should I do next?

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