Shocking. (10 characters reee)


Tasing Mechanic - completely immobilizes an enemy, and greatly decreases hipfire sensitivity. Cannot aim down sights. Length of tasing depends on the weapon and/or attachment used.



Class: Other

Ammo: Taser Cartridges

Ammo Class: Huh?

Fire Mode: Semi

Damage: 10-0; 10/s for 5 seconds when hitting an enemy.

Range: 15 max - 15 min

Velocity: 1000 stud/s

Capacity: 1

Reserve: 20

Fire Rate: 35 RPM

ADS Magnification: 1.4x

Reload speed: 2s

Head Multiplier: 1.0x

Torso Multiplier: 1.0x

Penetration Depth: 0 studs

Movement: 15 stud/s

ADS speed: 20

Recoil: what recoil?

Tactical secondary pistol. Stuns enemies in place for easier kills. Cannot accept barrel attachments.

XREP Shells


Class: Attachment

Availability: Shotguns

Damage: 15-0, 10 damage/s for 3 seconds. Stun time stacks the more shells hit an enemy.

Bonus: owing to the shells being reusable, the shotgun has an attached shell bag, with the exception of the Stevens and Sawed Off shotguns.

Tactical slug ammo attachment for shotguns. While it allows for a little more killing potential, stun time and overall damage is decreased compared to the specialized X26P.

Taser Shockwave


Class: Grenade/Equipment

Damage: 9 damage/s for 10 seconds

Range: 20 studs

Capacity: 2 per spawn

Deploy: Set down on player’s location.

Tactical electroshock mine. Smartly placed shockwaves will stun enemies long enough for a sniper to be made aware. However, poorly placed mines can either be shot out before activating, or place the enemy in vicinity of the deployer to be killed while being tased.


Good ideas


Finna tase Trickshotters


20 taser rounds :thinking:
Probably way too much.


SFG starts with the same amount, and is a straight up 1-hit kill far beyond the X26P’s effective range. While it’s possible to kill with the X26P in 2 shots, you have to be smartly positioned to do so. Facing the enemy directly will just get you killed, but using the X26P while flanking will yield better results.


taser two shot?


Yes. It 2-shots, though TTK would be rather slow when just using the X26P as a lethal weapon.


yes i need this now


Tazers cannot pierce graphite plating.
Taking does very little permanent damage.
Electroshock mines would need to be charged with millions of volts to have a range more than 6 inches




Class: Pets/Equipment

Ammo: Apple

Ammo Class: Fruits

Fire Mode: Semi

Damage: 15/0; Will last 3 seconds

Range: Any lul

Velocity: Any

Capacity: 1

Reserve: 20 shocks before running out of electric

Fire Rate: 40

ADS Magnification: none.

Head Multiplier: 1.0x

Torso Multiplier: 1.0x

Penetration depth: 0 studs

Movement: 18 stud/s

ADS speed: none

Recoil: Blasting_off_again_are_we

issa pet


Attack dog-type?

As in, do you just send it out and get kills remotely as you get kills?

And if it one shots and Pikachu has increased health…



The shockwave mine is literally a bunch of X26 tasers lined up side by side in a Claymore formation.


I like the XREP shells

though I’d actually imagine using it on the Serbu shotty, finally making it have a practical use

you load your normal shotty, but you also have a taser Serbu

you go up close, you see an M60 noob, you take a shot with your electric serbu and then finish him off with a 12 gauge birdshot