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Hey Stylis Studios, gamingducks here. I just had a “few” gun requests that could alter the game. Good or bad, it is up to the player to decide. For Assault Rifles: F200, HK-416. Snipers: M107 Anti Material rifle (Like the BFG but has a magazine and is semi-auto). DMRs: M-14 or MK14 EBR. Anything else you guys think, leave a reply!

[UPDATE] Due to requests for more detail, here you go.
Revolver suggestions: .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .500 Magnum.
Heavy weapons: RPG-7 with only 1 rocket, speed significantly decreased, M203 underbarrel grenade launcher. M203 standalone grenade launcher with HE, Incendiary, DART (shotgun pellets), and smoke shells.
Grenade ideas: Flashbang, Tear gas (can distort vision), smoke, molotov cocktail.
Equipment: Claymores, tripwire bombs (HE, Incendiary, Smoke), security cameras, drones, riot shield (limits user to only a pistol).
[NEW ARMOR CATEGORY???] Kevlar vest, kevlar helmet, riot helmet (Can protect head from small-caliber weapons and melee), Flak jacket (can protect torso from grenades and explosives), Riot vest (can protect torso from melee), juggernaut suit (can protect from small to medium caliber rounds. Heavy caliber weapons such as snipers and LMGs can kill faster).

[UPDATE] Ok I am straying from the gun ideas and a little bit more towards gameplay.
GAMEMODE IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS: Some sort of zombie survival mode or a co-op survival, similiar to MW3. Operations (not BF1): Sort of a co-op (or multiplayer versus) where a team has to stealthily infitrate a base or something, whilst the other team has to protect it. I am aware that there are issues when it comes to this but I thought it was a good idea. Stylis should also add like a “War” mode, where there is a larger battlefield that can hold tanks and jeeps. This is where the RPG can come in handy. I understand that most of this is from R6, COD, PUBG, and BF, but I believe that this can give the game more taste.

[UPDATE] Back to a few more ideas for guns. G3A3, HK-417, AKS-74u, PP-Bizon, P99, maybe a bow??? DT-10 (over/under DB SG for lower ranks)

[UPDATE] Darker maps like a forest, for example, where the flashlight could be used.

[UPDATE] Pancor Jackhammer, AA-12, and Federov Avtomat. For LMGs it could be a Lewis Gun or a BAR. Thompson SMG?

[UPDATE] I would like to see actual scope picture-in-picture, not the gsme zooming in for you. Although, this requires 2 entire renderings of what is happening in the game so this can be incredibly hard to program; I am satisfied with what they did for scopes now. New guns suggestion: PSG1, QBZ-95. Map ideas (BIG): the Burg Khalifa. I personally think it would be epic to have an urban-styled firefight on the world’s tallest building. In the midst of a wild sandstorm outside the building, you can parachute the way down to get a good flank on the enemy. Most, but not all, of the building would have an actual interior. There would also be gondolas hanging outside for extra angles. Another map can be just a very close-quarters residence/mansion. Not like a group of houses, instead just one large piece of land with an extremely large house with multiple floors, and a basement; it could be called “Estate”. Another cool map idea can just be a very large, tall-grassed field. They can implement ghillie suits and this can be a sniper’s dream. This can be called (plainly) “Landscape”. The last one I have in mind was a very large cargo plane. At the end of the match there could be a cutscene when the plane just suddenly crashed. This can be called “Turbulence” or “1,000 Feet”

Thanks, gamingducks28

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