Secondary weapon


G18 always.


Wait are you a Phantom Ranger?


G18 always? I want you to try the M93R and G17 and tell me G18 is better.


g18 is weird for me, I just can’t seem to get good damage with it like the m93r does.


I’ll record some gameplay with the G18 and explain why I use it.


TEC-9 or G18

#27 here it is


I perfer the m1911 because it is a extreme versatile secondary for most of my loadouts . It is great at everything so , M1911 have a ttk of VSS and slighty lower max damage of a deagle . I can’t complain much about the M1911 beside it’s recoil while tapfiring . I reccomend you to put a muzzle brake or flash hinder on the M1911


try this
Any sight you want
Flash Hider
Hollow point


G18 is popular for the 33rd mag attachment in the other category since it pretty much turns it into a sub-machine gun. That’s a major detail to consider.


TEc-9 with hollow, just liek mai holy vector.


Depends on you, for me i like to use tec 9


I wish these guns where in the game as an secondary the b&t mp9 and sr2


the new gun is good?




Decent. For me it feels like a M1911