Secondary weapon


what is the best secondary weapon with a sniper as a primary weapon?


obrez, rex or deag 44


TEC-9, You need to defend yourself on close.


M1911 is best


Well, I’d have to go with the TEC-9, the rex, the new army or the 1911.


go with the new army
If cant aim then use tec 9


M1911 or Deagle


Any MACHINE pistol, long range pistols are useless because YOU HAVE A SNIPER RIFLE.


Id recommend an 1858 NA


M1911 or 1858 with HP.
1858 1hko to the chest with HP.
M1911 is speedy AF.


M1911 is the BEST


zip 22


Why is this under comp?


Someone please tell me!




That is not a proper answer


It depends on your sniper

Intervention = M9/G17/M1911
R700 = G18
L115A3 = any automatic pistol or SFG
AWS = we don’t speak of this
Mosin = Obrez/SFG/REX/M1858
BFG = SFG or TEC-9
Hecate = You dont need a secondary if you have this


Hecate is any secondary


the deagle is surprising good for picking off targets you’ve bodyshot.


the zip22