Scotter and shay mapping stream information


So Tonight scotter streamed himself once again, and theres some nice information in there! All of it is about maps.


I took all the screenshots on mobile so if anything looks low quality or stretched weirdly, my apologies.

Mapping props

Scotter was making less part intensive props for map makers, which is strange that he does this 18ish days before the competition is over.
But also very helpful.

Map: industry

Some might remember a map shay was making forever ago with a bridge, city, and overpass.
Well tonight Scotter was working on it, and the file name was industry. I asked Scotter “woah is this a revival of that payload map?” And he said that he took responsibility of the map awhile ago, hes in charge of it, and probably not going to finish it. He also said something about asking Mar to color it, but Mar never did.

Map: Methodist Church

This map Scotter and shay we’re working on is set in a real life church in Gary Indiana.

While they never directly said it was for PF, they made jokes about shooting up churches.

Map: Embassy and payload?

During construction of the bridge, Shay was asked by someone on the stream “Is this the payload map?” Shay said no… That’s for Embassy. In which everyone laughed with a evil tone.
I don’t have any screenshot of Embassy, as it was just that mention.


Theres a big focus on maps in PF development, with the community contest and the countless maps in development. I fear that the map roster will get way too big with their current set up for map selection.

And at the end of the stream, Scotter fell asleep on stream, and you can hear him snore.

Some say hes still snoring to this day…

Shameless plug

Take a look at my map if you haven’t already, anything you tell me helps so much, and I can’t thank the people who are willing to help enough.

I don’t feel bad for this plug.


Oh hey, what an amazing and totally non-offensive map to have wars.

A Church!


Eventually shay added this


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