SCAR H and G36 nerfed, viable replacements



Most notable out of these is probably the SCAR H nerf which reduced it’s range and torso multiplier, and HALVED the reserve ammo. G36 also received a minor nerf (not as heavy as scar h), it’s recoil recovery was reduced and damage was nerfed slightly.

These two guns have been the meta of the competitive community ever since the big FAMAS and M16a3 nerf due to the sheer effectiveness and ease of use. However, there are still some viable replacements for these two guns that perform very similarly and are also easy to use.

Before the nerf, scar h could 3 shot out to an extremely long distance with minimal recoil, with the only downside being a small magazine size. Now that they’ve nerfed the range and halved the reserve ammo, you could try these replacements.

—> AKM
The nerf has brought the SCAR H to a disadvantage in 3 shot range in comparison to the AKM, while the AKM also has more reserve ammo now and a 30 round mag. Only downside now is a tad bit more recoil.

—> L86 LSW
l86 also has a nice 3-4 shot kill with less recoil, sniper level bullet drop, and a large ammo reserve. The only real downside is that it moves slower and has a very slight smaller 3 shot range.

G36 hasn’t really been nerfed that hard, pretty sure it still keeps a 4 to 5 shot kill even with the damage nerf. Recoil has been nerfed but I might try to experiment with some different grips to see if anything can be done to mitigate it.

To be honest the G36 nerf doesn’t even really affect the gun, so I’d say keep using it but if necessary, you can switch to,

Shoots a bit slower and hits softer at CQC, but at long range it’s one of the only assault rifles to have a 4 shot, and has extremely low recoil.

Less range + damage than g36 but fires faster and generally works the same.


sees the m16a4 nerf …STYLIS WHY?! goes and cries in another room with a MG3 ;(


I think the SCAR-H needed a bit of a toning down, but the capacity nerf was a little too far. It already had barely any ammunition pickups compared to its competitors. As for the G36? It was a little bit too versatile. I can see why they did it.