Rubber Band Gun


I made this in real life. Its based on an FN F2000. I used tape, foam, paper, and a 3d printer. It loads 4 rubber bands and fires them in semi auto. The internal mechanism is 3d printed, but the frame is handcrafted.


holy fuck, good job


thanks, been making shit like this for 7 years


woah, ive been playing roblox almost 8 years, and i found my OG account


Howy partner? How much that beauty cost and when can i expect it to arrive at my house via shipping?


this is actually pretty genius


you wasted so much good time


Nice Belgian gun :smiley:


its actually based on the the PS-90 and the F2000


Does it work?


yes it does. It can shoot the bands about 8 meters


rich kid, you have a 3d printer
mine can only print 0d :confused:


them 3d printers are getting cheaper and cheaper every year




petition to upload a demo


ok i will upload one to my main channel


petition to link channel
also petition to subscribe to torush1



petition to make FAL tutorial


petition to make FAL rubber band gun