Roblox Horror Image Maker


Describe an image that looks horrifying and is the exact thing you would shit your pants at if you saw it in real life.

And then I’ll make it in roblox studio

Please be descriptive as possible because if you only say “a creepy thing at a tree”, I’m not sure what I’d do with that.

Anyway, send me your horror ideas!


A semi-sentient clump of cells eats up an unsuspecting soldier, taking about 5-6 seconds to do so. It’s primarily black with a reddish hue, with a control crystal taking up most of the face, with a mouth opening up wider than it should be.

Another soldier shoots at the zombie, in the head naturally, which “kills” the zombie, but only leaves the semi-sentient cells to deform, leaving a corpse made mostly of muscle and bone that hasn’t already been eaten up. The cells then absorb the next soldier, much to the horror of the pack of other soldiers.


Don’t forget that I only do images, I don’t anime so I’m simply just posing and making models based off what you say. So I’ll make the scene and I’ll post the image when I’m finished


Comic layout is fine


Pineapple pizza.



Where’s the lamb sauce.





add an scp you like




The Pyro




Welp, I wanna fucking kill myself now, thanks